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Pot Black Family Pool and Snooker Centres

Snooker Clubs - Gosnells, WA 6110

8/ 2209 Albany Hwy, Gosnells, WA 6110

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Servicing Suburbs

  • What are the facilities in Pot Black Family Pool and Snooker Centre, a Snooker Club in Gosnells?

    Our Gosnells snooker club has fully air-conditioned and carpeted room, Pot Black Family Pool and Snooker Centres is a perfect hangout place. Our awesome Gosnells snooker club has competition standard equipment, snacks and even the latest video games for a fun-filled experience.

  • Do you offer liquor in your club?

    Our Gosnells snooker club has special facility liquor licences similar to other major sporting venues. We have the entire family covered. We have the beer, wine and even hot and cold snacks.

  • How can we contact you?

    Give Pot Black Family Pool and Snooker Centre, a Snooker Club in Gosnells a call at 08 9490 1118. We are looking forward to assisting you.

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