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Overkill Car Security

Car Alarms - Girrawheen, WA 6064

Install a Car Alarm Immobiliser Into your Car Truck Bike or Boat

ABN: 17 246 542 474

13 Roydon Way, Girrawheen, WA 6064

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2 Way Alarms

Overkill Car Security in Girrawheen Perth WA is committed to satisfying your vehicle, truck, boat, motorbike and car alarm and immobiliser (immobiliser) security needs.

Experienced and Trusted Team

"Overkill" began as a statement of impact, never compromising on delivering solid and quality car alarm immobiliser security results with serious and professional service. Our Girrawheen based team are committed to providing quality car alarm and immobiliser systems. Taras Pinkewich became involved at the dawn of Car Security in 1981 as an industry long ago and later again in Perth with the likes of Ded-Lok, Mongoose, Cheetah, Cyclops, Auto watch, Dyanamco, Dynatron, Viper and more. He was a founder of the first “Immobiliser", a marketing name coined right here in Girrawheen with the development of the original undefeated "Touch Point Immobiliser". Overkill Car Security continues operating from Girrawheen in Perth with a solid reputation and 100% Customer Satisfaction installing car alarms and immobilisers. Overkill Car Security goal is to provide you with the best car security alarm or car immobiliser as well as GPS Tracker tracking systems, Keyless Entry, Central Locking, Electric Window conversions, Cruise Controls, even installing reversing cameras and more to meet your needs and requirements.

Overkill Car Security is a Transport Registered Perth based business in Girrawheen with over 35 years’ experience dedicated to installing Car Alarms, Car Immobilisers, Immobilizers, Alarms, GPS Tracker and tracking systems and Electronic Accessories into automotive and marine vehicles as you need. All work by Overkill Car Security based in Girrawheen is performed by Government registered and approved technicians and includes a lifetime warranty for workmanship on car security alarms and immobilisers, giving an almost faultless history in regard to results and product reliability. Our team are fully qualified to install and repair most aftermarket car security alarm and immobiliser systems at our base in Girrawheen and also the surrounding suburbs in Perth to deliver the best top quality service and car security alarm and immobilisers systems. Our affordable car security alarm and immobilisers systems installed in Girrawheen and surrounding Perth suburbs will never compromise the quality of our products and services. For your peace of mind, our Girrawheen based team are fully qualified and insured and all car security car alarm or car immobiliser work is done in Girrawheen and surrounding Perth suburbs comes with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. Our car security car alarm and car immobiliser systems in Girrawheen and the surrounding Perth suburbs are tested and proven, confident in providing you with the best quality and service for car security car alarm and car immobilisers, and car accessories that will meet your needs.

Call Overkill Car Security in Perth for all your car security alarm system needs.

Perth Car Security Alarm Immobiliser
Overkill Car Security
0418 950 347 Girrawheen Perth WA

Car Immobilisers | Girrawheen Security Car Alarms

Products and Services


Accredited, Factory Authorised, Guaranteed, Warranties


Car Alarm Service, Installation, Repairs, Upgrade Alarms


Immobilisers, Keyless Entry, Locking Devices, Rear Vision Cameras, Remote Starters, Reverse Sensors, Truck Alarms


Auto Watch, Cyclops, Dynamco, Mongoose


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Servicing Suburbs

  • What kind of car security alarm products do you offer?

    Girrawheen Overkill Car Security offer a variety of car security alarm products such as: - P165 Your Basic immobiliser - P205 Transponder - P275 Basic Remote - P355 Your Basic Alarm - P385 Full Category 4 - P485 and P485(CAN) Cat. 4 Upgrade Kit

  • Are your products are locally designed?

    Yes, Girrawheen Overkill Car Security products are proudly designed and engineered in Perth, Western Australia. All our car security alarm products are proven and tested for your security. Call our expert team on 0418 950 347 for a quote.

  • Do you provide free quotes?

    Yes, Girrawheen Overkill Car Security can provide a free with no obligation quote. We offer competitive rates to all our car security alarm system products. Call our professional tradesmen for a free quote on 0418 950 347.

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