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Geraldton Yacht Club

Geraldton Yacht Club

Yacht Clubs - Geraldton, WA 6530

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Marine Tce, Geraldton, WA 6530

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Yacht Club  Geraldton Yacht Clubs Geraldton

Yacht Club Geraldton Yacht Clubs

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100% Environment friendly Geraldton yacht clubs

Delight yourself in Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton, a place of full of excitement and full of fun for seaside happenings. We are probably the most successful club in the area. Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton where you can find comfort and relaxing ambience where you can bring your families, friends, colleagues to enjoy the place. Geraldton Yacht Club is one of the known yacht clubs in Geraldton. We also have members club that Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of status stability as long as they can you want to turn your day into a memorable lifetime experience be here and visit Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton.

Fully certified yacht clubs in Geraldton

At Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton, you will eventually enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean while enjoying the yacht and boat ride experience. You can captain your own adventure here at Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton. We have a group of coordinators that are knowledgeable in guiding and supporting our sailors. Our Yacht Club in Geraldton provides different programmes including cruising and sailing. Our social activities promote all class individuals can enjoy. You can book some important events and enjoy the facilities. We can cater wedding receptions, birthday and anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties, business meetings and companies team building and will definitely have a lovely and wonderful time at Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton.

The most popular water adventure found here at Geraldton Geraldton Yacht Club. Get on board on one of our speed boats and enjoy the thrilling ride along with the most beautiful sights. We are known for its friendly, uncommon atmosphere. Our Geraldton yacht club has a restaurant and bar with desirable facilities for all the family. Experience Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton with different perspective while breathing the fresh sea air and fill your sights with beautiful surroundings.

We always provide the most exciting place here at Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton, our yacht club offers a different package of training courses for both members and non-members for all ages. You are not required to provide a boat in joining the club since we have programs that allow our members to use our boat during the training session, for those who always want an adventure this is the right place for you. You will also enjoy the ocean view in Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton. It is really a perfect spot to chill in the evening and even in the morning here at Geraldton Yacht Club in Geraldton. Our uncommon atmosphere will definitely complete your vacation and Geraldton trip can't be successful without visiting Geraldton Yacht Club.

Geraldton Yacht Clubs
Geraldton Yacht Club
08 9964 1664 Geraldton

Yacht Club Geraldton Yacht Clubs

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  • Can we rent the yacht for my whole family?

    Yes, here in Geraldton Yacht Club we allow our tourist to rent a yacht.We want our guest to enjoy and manage their own yacht and experience the feeling of being a captain. We highly suggest our place for your family since this is your yearly gathering and we will assure that this is an exciting and enjoyable place for everyone.

  • Is there any place that we can book for special events in Geraldton Yacht Club?

    You can enjoy our Geraldton Yacht Club facilities and book for your special occasion in advance. In Geraldton Yacht Club you will enjoy the sumptuous meal and pretty sure that all of your guests will love to celebrate their occasion as well.You find the right place for your occasion and we have different packages that suit your taste.

  • Is this a great place for groups of people or for companies gathering?

    Yes, Geraldton Yacht Club is a place where you can find fun and excitement games. Geraldton Yacht Club encourages your group to come and visit enjoy the most exciting fun and games with us.We have a team who handles team building who are knowledgeable in coordinating companies team building.

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