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Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club

Yacht Clubs - Fremantle, WA 6160

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ABN: 46 843 440 682

Suite 39/ 11 Cliff St, Fremantle, WA 6160

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Safest yacht clubs in Fremantle

Are you in love with the water? Sail away with the best yacht clubs in Fremantle - Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club offers a variety of activities that sea lover like you can’t resist! If you are looking for experience like no other then this is the Fremantle yacht clubs for you. This Fremantle yacht clubs offer something far more different than others – you will get an on water cruise that can be a whole afternoon or even a three week adventure! Also this one of a kind yacht clubs in Fremantle provides their members off water events that help them socialize with other members. One other thing you can expect from this Fremantle yacht clubs is that they keep busy with keeping you informed – the Fremantle yacht clubs provide information booklets as well as charts and a cruising guide as well as a safety book.

Most trusted yacht clubs in Fremantle

Do you want to fish? With Fremantle yacht clubs you can now enjoy the skills of fishing and even join fishing competitions. Do you like diving? By joining yacht clubs in Fremantle you can get to practice how to dive, learn more with diving tutors or experience diving games as well. Want a romantic evening sailing under the stars? The sweet yacht clubs in Fremantle offer twilight sailing for anyone who wants to try – food available for you as well.

For those who are joining family and friends but scared of the water, you also have other options to enjoy yourself here in the home of the best Fremantle yacht clubs. They have an awesome Galley Restaurant that boasts of awesome and delicious dishes – surely a great find in a yacht clubs in Fremantle! If you have had enough food, you can walk a bit and find yourself in the Club Bar where you can have a few drinks and watch shows. Where can you find something like that in a common Fremantle yacht clubs? Wait, there’s more – this Fremantle yacht clubs also offer band tutorials as they have a Pipes & Drums team who usually plays in any of their events!

This Fremantle yacht clubs boasts of many events throughout the year – even events for kids! You can bring your entire family and enjoy the amenities offered by the Fremantle yacht clubs all year round – a vacation like no other!
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Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club
(08) 9336 1122 Fremantle

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  • facilities do you offer in your Fremantle yacht clubs have?

    We want to ensure that each visitor leaves with a great experience! We have a bar, a galley restaurant and a clubhouse in our Fremantle yacht clubs. We do have awesome yachts! To see more of what we can offer, please give us a visit!

  • How can we best reach you?

    You can reach us at (08) 9336 1122 where our staff is ready to book you your next adventure! Our team of yacht clubs in Fremantle will accommodate any questions you may have to ensure you have all the answers you need.

  • What sets you apart from the other Fremantle yacht clubs?

    Our number one customer service and long years of cruising excellence is what keeps us on top of our game! This Fremantle yacht clubs is active in events all year round to keep each member happy as well as providing everybody a good time without having to ask so much in return!

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