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Perry Lakes Basketball Association

Basketball Clubs - Floreat, WA 6014

Number 1 Basketball Club in Floreat

ABN: 65 140 754 146

201 Underwood Avenue , Floreat, WA 6014

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  • awards Numerous MSBL and WSBL Championships
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All About Us

  • Promotes Basketball For All Ages

  • Trusted Floreat Baseball Club With All-Year-Round Events

  • Family-Oriented Baseball Club Near Floreat

Promotes Basketball For All Ages

Share your passion for the basketball with friendly and family-oriented individuals when you join Perry Lakes Basketball Association. This reliable organization is a basketball club in Floreat. Situated in 201 Underwood Avenue, Perry Lakes Basketball Association is very accessible to a large number and variety of people throughout Floreat.

Most Preferred Basketball Club in Floreat

Perry Lakes Basketball Association is a registered organisation that boasts being one of the most highly recommended basketball clubs around Floreat. They have a diverse group of basketball club members that are dedicated to promoting the sport to individuals of any age, gender, and ability. Perry Lakes Basketball Association is among the best Floreat basketball clubs that participate in a wide range of competitions. Among these include State Basketball League, West Australian Basketball League, and Domestic Junior Competitions. To support Perry Lakes Basketball Association’s cause of promoting the sport of basketball, this Floreat basketball club provides Junior Development Programs and Holiday Camps. This basketball club in Floreat also hosts Primary and High School Competitions that are open to all local schools in the area. This is a big event that runs from October to December. On the other hand, Junior Competitions begins in March and extends until September.

When you choose to be a member of this Floreat basketball club, you can automatically enjoy the perks of being one of the dear basketball club members of Perry Lakes Basketball Association. All of Perry Lakes Basketball Association’s basketball club members in Floreat work hand-in-hand to ensure that everyone gets to have fun and share their passion for the sport. This is the reason why this trusted Floreat basketball club conducts tournaments, social events, and development courses throughout the year. With Perry Lakes Basketball Association, you will never be bored because they always have something exciting in store for their Floreat basketball club members.

While there are a lot of basketball clubs in Floreat to choose from, Perry Lakes Basketball Association is definitely one of the best choices. They boast having been champions of MSBL and WSBL on many occasions. So, what else are you waiting for? Be part of a family-oriented basketball club in Floreat when you join Perry Lakes Basketball Association today. You can find out more about what makes them the best Floreat basketball club when you visit their website. Perry Lakes Basketball Association also has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. For any concerns and questions that need immediate answers, you can contact Perry Lakes Basketball Association directly on 08 9387 6700.

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Perry Lakes Basketball Association
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  • Why should we join Perry Lakes Basketball Association and not other basketball clubs in Floreat?

    If you become one of our basketball club members in Floreat, you can rest assured that you will never be bored again. Perry Lakes Basketball Association hosts numerous social events, competitions, camps, and development programs all-year-round.

  • What tournaments do you participate in?

    Perry Lakes Basketball Association is a very active and fun basketball club in Floreat. Throughout the years, we have been joining and winning various competitions. Among these basketball competitions are the State Basketball League and the Western Australia Basketball League.

  • What is the best way to get in touch with your office?

    If you would like to speak with our friendly staff, contact Perry Lakes Basketball Association directly on 08 9387 6700. We can answer all your questions regarding our Floreat basketball club membership perks, fees, and application process. We also encourage you to visit our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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