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Exmouth Ningaloo Fuels

Petrol Stations - Exmouth, WA 6707

24 Hour Discount Fuel Station in a100a

23 Ingram St, Exmouth, WA 6707

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24 Hour Discount Fuel Exmouth

24 Hour Discount Fuel

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Exmouth

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality Service Exmouth Fuel Stations Exmouth

Quality Service Exmouth Fuel Stations

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About Us

  • Self-service Petrol Station in Exmouth

  • Exmouth 24 Hour Discount Fuel Station

  • Diesel and Premium 95 Gas Station

Scared of running out of gas during your roadtrip? Fill up your tank at Exmouth Ningaloo Fuels. We are a reliable self-service discount fuel station in Exmouth that offers hassle-free and affordable services that are available anytime. Our self-service model makes our company more efficient thus passing the savings to you. Forget other Exmouth self-service discount fuel stations and make us your number 1 choice for your automotive gas needs.

Self-service Petrol Station in Exmouth

Exmouth Ningaloo Fuels is a self-service discount fuel station that offers 24-hour service in Exmouth. The petrol station is located 9km south of Exmouth in Western Australia, within the Exmouth Industrial Area. It is the most convenient discount fuel station in Exmouth and its forecourt is large and accessible by large vehicles, trucks and even large caravans and boats.

Highly Competitive Prices

24-hour self-service fuel station in Exmouth

Our fuel station in Exmouth offers 24 hours of convenience to Exmouth car and vehicle owners with its easy-to-use self-service feature. Our self-service feature results to lower fuel station labor costs which consequently permit a lower cost of gasoline for our consumers in Exmouth. Our petrol station offers top-quality fuels with consistently lower prices compared to other Exmouth fuel stations. Exmouth Ningaloo Fuels petrol station provides affordable Diesel Fuel and Premium 95 Petrol in Exmouth. It is indeed the best and convenient Exmouth self-service fuel station.

New to a self-service Exmouth petrol station?

Follow theses easy steps in purchasing gas with Exmouth Ningaloo Fuels; it is as easy as using an ATM!

1. Insert your credit or debit card at the Payment Terminal of the fuel station, with the magnet strip faced down.
2. Select your pump number in the fuel station and press ENTER, which is a green button.
3. Select your account - Credit, Cheque or Savings
4. Enter the maximum amount you would like to spend, and press ENTER, Make sure that you do not enter more than your vehicle's gas capacity. You will be charged by the petrol station only for the fuel you take.
5. Enter your card pin, press enter, and wait for the fuel station to prompt to remove your card.
6. Wait for transaction approval and go to the pump and take your fuel.

Exmouth Fuel Station
Exmouth Ningaloo Fuels
08 9949 4286 Exmouth

Quality Service Exmouth Fuel Stations

Products and Services


Independently Operated, Independently Owned, Owner Operated

Hours of Operation

24hr Emergency Service, Flexible Hours, Open Monday - Friday, Open Saturdays


Petrol, Fuel, Wheel Alignments


Batteries, Brakes, Clutches, Exhaust Systems, Mufflers, Oil, Suspension, Tyres, Wheels


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Servicing Suburbs

  • What if I've entered the wrong pump number in your Exmouth fuel station, but had not taken fuel?

    It's not a problem. Here in Exmouth Ningaloo Fuel Station, there are two ways you can correct this: pick up the gas bowser you entered in error and hang it back up without taking fuel. Just wait for the Payment Terminal to reset and start again. Or you can just wait, after a few minutes, the system will TIMEOUT so you can start again.

  • My bank has debited my account with the amount I have authorised, but I have spent less.

    Most banks will only have one transaction for the amount you spent at the gas bowser in our Exmouth fuel station. However, some banks will charge only the authorised amount, then credit this back to your account and debit the correct amount of fuel taken. This can sometimes take a few days - if in doubt, CONTACT YOUR BANK.

  • What to do if I have taken fuel, but forgot to take my receipt?

    Payment Terminals in our Exmouth petrol station store your information for some time, so you can go back within the next few days and print the receipt. Just insert your card and the Payment Terminal you will be asked to press ENTER for your official receipt.

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