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Panel Products in Edgewater

Mr. Wet wall is the leading panel provider around Edgewater. Wet Wall is Edgewater based shower solution panels that are servicing domestic and commercial interiors. Our Edgewater team are committed to providing you with the best service that will satisfy every client. Edgewater Wet Wall panels are 2400 x 1000 x 10 mm in size are suitable for wet areas and have no grout and have the ability to create an impressive and seamless wall covering solution that is 100% waterproof. The panels are available in either square cut of tongue and groove panels. Our panels are manufactured with an extra strong extruded core which carries a 10-year warranty. We provide a second to none shower solution panels around Edgewater. Our panels are easy and simple to install. Our goal is to meet our Edgewater client's needs and requirements. We provide an excellent and outstanding customer service anywhere in Edgewater.

Cost - Effective

Edgewater Wet wall panels are incredibly easy to install. Our panels can be installed over existing surfaces and especially when they surface may not be quite as even as you would like, our panels will fix these minor are transforming rooms across the nation. Our reliable team in Edgewater offer a competitive price on our panels without compromising the quality. Edgewater Wet Wells panels are cost-effective, low maintenance and ultra hygienic once installed anywhere in Edgewater. The sleek hygienic system can be used across many areas and industries and designed with the kitchen, bathroom or commercial projects. You can choose any style of panels you like that will suit your style, needs and budget. Edgewater Wet Wall can provide a no obligation quote.

If you are looking for panels, call our expert Edgewater team on 08 6202 0059.

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Can I clad to existing tiles in an already finished and fitted shower enclosure?

    If your shower enclosure /screen is already nicely fitted and you don’t want to take it all off and put it on again, then you can clad our panels directly to the existing tiles. The only issue might be where the edges and pieces of the fittings jut up to the edge of our panels – if those fittings aren’t flat and don’t meet plumb with the panel edges, you would have some grooves that would be awkward to clean in the future. It might be worth considering using some of our thin panels available on request. These particular ones are only 2.5mm thick so wouldn’t add too much more thickness onto the existing tiled area. They’re solid uPVC and 100% waterproof. If the tiles you’re cladding to are ceramic and particularly glossy, you would be better served to send them down first to help create a key for the adhesive. You can fit shower units, holders, rails etc. through the panels and into the sub-wall underneath – it would need to be the substrate that takes the load of any items fitted, as the panels are designed only to clad the walls, not from wall structures in their own right i.e. they’re not load-bearing.

  • Can I extend the length of the ceiling panels?

    Thanks for the question, it is possible to extend the length of the ceiling panels by using a 1 part joint trim (H Section joint). This will allow you to carry on the overall length of the panels to fit your ceiling dimensions. You can find them under the accessories section on our menu.

  • Can I use the Wet Wall panel as a splashback?

    Yes, you can use the Mr Wet Wall panels as a splashback panel. This panel can be used in a variety of places including kitchens, bathrooms, bars, WCs, restaurants and utility rooms. As the panel is made from PVC material it is not suitable to be used directly from any heat sources such as cookers, hobs and ovens as it has a softening point of 60°c. There is a variety of colour matched trims that you would use with the Wet Wall panels including Internal & External corners, Edge from and Joint trims. We recommend that you use 2 tubes of our iStick high grab adhesive per panel.

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