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Swan Yacht Club (Inc)

Yacht Clubs - East Fremantle, WA 6158

ABN: 78 345 431 328

Riverside Rd, East Fremantle, WA 6158

  • awards Accredited Yacht Clubs in East Fremantle
  • awards One of the Best Yacht Club in East Fremantle
  • awards 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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About Us

  • Highly Recommended Yacht Clubs in East Fremantle

  • Registered East Fremantle Yacht Club

  • Customer Oriented Staff

Highly Recommended Yacht Clubs in East Fremantle

One of the Best Yacht Club in East Fremantle





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Servicing Suburbs

  • What sets your Swan Yacht Club apart from the others in East Fremantle?

    Our number one customer service and long years of cruising excellence is what keeps us on top of our game! Our East Fremantle yacht clubs are active in events all year round to keep each member happy as well as providing everybody a good time without having to ask so much in return!

  • What are the amenities do you offer?

    Our members are all very happy with the facilities that our yacht clubs in East Fremantle has provided them! Big clubs where the members can socialise, free access to the internet, a bbq machine to use and a bar for relaxation. To see more, visit today!

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Swan Yacht Club at 08 9339 3520 for more information and details about our amenities and services in East Fremantle. Our staff are delighted to assist you with your questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

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