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Mounts Bay Sailing Club (Inc)

Yacht Clubs - Crawley, WA 6009

Australia II Drv, Crawley, WA 6009

  • awards Registered Sailing Club in Crawley
  • awards Impressive Yacht Club Facilities
  • awards Thrilling Regattas and Pleasure Sailing
  • awards Comprehensive Learn to Sail Options
  • awards Accredited with Yachting Australia Sailing Classes
  • awards Exciting Social Activities Exclusive for Crawley Yacht Club Members
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Our Profile

  • Satisfactorily-Rated Yacht Club in Crawley

  • Wide Array of Boat Racing and Competitions

  • Seasoned Sailing Coaches

  • Junior and Adult Sail Programs

  • Admirable Function Areas for Events

  • Highly-Recognized Yacht Club Around Crawley

  • School Holiday Courses

Satisfactorily-Rated Yacht Club in Crawley

Impressive Yacht Club Facilities





Hours of Operation


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Servicing Suburbs

  • How can one become a Crawley yacht club member of Mounts Bay Sailing Club (Inc)?

    All Yachting Australia Registered Clubs uses the membership registration system of MyClub. This online system gives club members their login details. Call us or visit our yacht club in Crawley for details on membership requisites such as fees and charges.

  • How many number of guests can you accommodate for special occasions?

    Mounts Bay Sailing Club (Inc) has a great selection of function areas for special events. We have three different areas that can hold up to 500 guests. These function areas of our yacht club give awe-inspiring views and are perfect for any special event in Crawley.

  • Do you have sailing curriculum programs for schools too?

    Yes, our sailing club has school curriculum programs too. We have 7 Pacer Dinghy for hire. This program targets those who want to learn sailing in groups. Our yacht club can provide a professional sailing coach too for your school here in Crawley. For more details, contact the club Sailing Administrator.

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