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Balance For You

Massage Therapy - Thomson, VIC 3219

7a Fagg Street , Thomson, VIC 3219

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About Us

    Are you looking for a great massage to ease sore achy muscles and joints? Or an energy healing to release old energy patterns and thought forms? Or maybe a body treatment to suit your needs?
    At Balance for you we believe that health is a wholistic affair involving Body - Mind - and Spirit.
    Our 15+ years experience speaks for itself.
    Offering: Massage - Acupressure - Foot Reflexology - Ear Candling - Cupping - Reiki - Access Bars - Foot Scrub & Massage - for a full list please visit our website.

    Our favorite treatment is the Body Balance Package: 45 minute Massage and 30 minute Energy Healing (your choice) includes Aroma oils if wanted $105

    Double Bookings available on selected days with advance notice.

    Pamper Party Packages also available please visit my website.





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