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Your Ecofriendly St Helena Building Renovator

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About Us

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Expert St Helena Building Renovator

Green Edge Builders is your St Helena building renovator that is dedicated to building your dream home. Our St Helena building renovators take pride in doing custom home builds. If you want to be hands-on in building your dream home, then our St Helena building renovators are your perfect partners. We make sure to only give you a highly experienced, fully qualified St Helena building renovator team who knows their trade from top to bottom.

Professional Contractor

Do you know that the construction and demolition of buildings contribute up to 40% of all solid waste disposed of in landfills throughout Australia? This amounts to 8 million tonnes of waste every year. Our St Helena building renovators specialise in building eco-friendly homes from the ground up. We always make sure that our St Helena building renovators follow high-quality standards in building a “green” home and employ environmentally sound building practices. Green homes typically use less energy to operate and produce less waste than common homes. Use our St Helena building renovator service now, and let our St Helena building renovators build your very own green home. Our St Helena building renovators don’t just build homes; we build homes of tomorrow.

Does your home need rectification? Our St Helena building renovators are also highly-skilled in rectification of buildings. Our St Helena building renovators specialise rectification of heritage buildings, buildings on sloping blocks, reclaimed homes, mud brick homes, and straw homes. Let our St Helena building renovators extend the life of your buildings. Use our St Helena building renovator services now.

If you need reliable green building renovators in St Helena, contact our St Helena building renovators now.

St Helena Building Renovation
Green Edge Builders
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Products and Services


Architects, Bricklayers, Cabinet Makers, Carpenters, Carpet Layers, Concrete Contractors, Contract Builders, Designers, Electricians, Painters, Plasterers, Tilers


Brick Arch Cutting, Brick Cutting, Brick Pier Removal, Column Removals, Concrete Work, Construction, Consultation, Customising, Designing, Drilling, Extensions, Finishes, Flooring, Inspections, Installation, Middle Pier Removal, Modifications, Planning, Rebuilds, Refits, Reinforcement, Renovations, Sanding, Waterproofing


Attics, Bathrooms, Carports, Decks, Driveways, Enclosures, Exteriors, Gazebos, Granny Flats, Interiors, Kitchens, Laundries, Patios, Pergolas, Pools, Porches, Second Storey, Sunrooms, Verandahs


Cabins, Conservatories, Cottages, Factories, Flats, Garages, Houses, Kit Homes, Motels, Offices, Sheds, Shops, Storage Facilities, Townhouses, Villas, Warehouses


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Servicing Suburbs

Q & A

  • Can your St Helena building renovators build my existing house plan?

    Absolutely! Our St Helena building renovators would be more than willing to build it for you; however, we have to check if it meets our criteria. In the event that it doesn't, we will suggest a revamp for you.

  • How long does construction take?

    The duration of a bigger jobs usually take 120 to 150 days to finish. Smaller jobs usually take 7–28 days to finish. Talk with our St Helena building renovators now to be sure.

  • Do you have ready-made house plans?

    No, we don't. That is where our St Helena building renovators excel at. We don't shy away from demanding and highly customised build projects. If you want to take active interest in building your home, then we are the right partners for you.

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