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Debt Recovery

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Investigation Services  Seddon Private Investigators seddon

Investigation Services Seddon Private Investigators

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About Us

  • Over 40 Years of Combined Industry Experience

  • Premium Seddon Private Investigator Service

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  • Debt Recovery

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Finding that elusive debtor is now attainable with the help of our Seddon private investigators at International Recovery Solutions Pty Ltd. Our organisation of Seddon private investigators has a combined industry experience of over 40 years. Through the years, we have improved our system and techniques to provide our clients with premium service at a reasonably affordable price. We take pride in taking complete control of the debt recovery process for you.

Over 40 Years of Combined Industry Experience

Your diligent Seddon private investigators, International Recovery Solutions Pty Ltd, is here to provide you with exceptional service that produces positive results. Our Seddon private investigators are fully qualified and fully committed to finding you who you want to find. We have licenced Seddon private investigators, and our Seddon private investigators have been in the business for over 40 years. Our Seddon private investigators’ service have been tried and tested, but still our Seddon private investigators strive to innovate their practices to provide you with efficient work you’ll be satisfied with.

Registered Seddon Private Investigator

Our Seddon private investigator company offers a wide range of service to our clients who need a Seddon private investigator. Our services include: debt recovery, investigation, skip tracing, repossession, searches, and field calls. Our Seddon private investigators only gives you premium service at a reasonable and affordable price. We do local and international enquiries for your investigations, so our Seddon private investigators can find your person of interest even if they already crossed borders.

All of our Seddon private investigators are carefully chosen and specialise in finding elusive debtors and persons of interest. Our Seddon private investigators employ a personal approach coupled with sophisticated technology in our work to ensure that we always produce outstanding returns to our clients cost effectively.

Our Seddon private investigators believe that to find the right person, you need to work with the right people. Let our Seddon private investigators work for you. If you need help finding somebody, contact our Seddon private investigators now.

Seddon Private Investigators & Commercial & Domestic
International Recovery Solutions Pty Ltd
03 9844 5668 Seddon

Investigation Services Seddon Private Investigators

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Asset Tracing, Background Checks, Debugging, Decoys, Employment Checks, Field Calls, Forensic Investigations, Monitoring, Photographic, Process Serving, Security Clearances, Skip Tracing, Surveillance, Vehicle Tracking, Video, Witness Interviews, Witness Tracing


Abuse, Accidents, Anti Stalking, Compensation, Copyright Infringement, Crimes, Custody Disputes, Espionage, Fraud, Harassment, Hidden Assets, Injury, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Missing Persons, Pre-employment, Public Liability, Relationships, Repossessions, Theft

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Q & A

  • Can your Seddon private investigator help me find my lost loved one?

    We'll be happy to help you find your lost loved one. Our team of professional Seddon private investigators are well-equipped with the needed knowledge and skills to do just that.

  • How do you do repossession?

    Our Seddon private investigators do their work professionally and ethically. We take the extra step in making sure that you get your security in the best possible state we can.

  • How do we pay you and how much is your rate?

    You can pay our team of Seddon private investigators through post cheque or money order, direct debit or PayPal, or via bank deposit. For our rate, please contact our staff to know more.

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