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Luke Johns Landscaping

Gardeners & Landscapers - Highton, VIC 3216

Highly Recommended Gardening and Landscaping Contractors in Highton

ABN: 99 789 407 764

, Highton, VIC 3216

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Trustworthy Landscapers Highton Landscapers Highton

Trustworthy Landscapers Highton Landscapers

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About Us

  • Experienced Gardening and Landscaping Team in Highton

  • Highton Professional Gardening and Landscaping Services

  • Affordable Gardening and Landscaping Solutions

Experienced Gardening and Landscaping Team in Highton

Luke Johns Landscaping offer high quality and cost-effective solutions for all large and small landscape and garden needs. They specialise in landscape design, large garden cleanups, as well pruning, mowing and hedging.

Highton Fully Qualified Gardening and Landscaping Specialist

Highly Skilled Gardening and Landscaping Workforce in Highton

Luke Johns Landscaping is among the most preferred gardening and landscaping experts in Highton. They are a team of experienced gardeners and landscaping specialists for hire in and around Highton. Luke Johns Landscaping strives to continue being Highton’s one-stop shop for all your gardening and landscaping needs.

Luke Johns Landscaping workers are well-trained in doing anything from maintaining plants and potted plants to different styles of gardens. Their hardworking gardening and landscaping staff in Highton can also handle tree care and tree removal projects. Among the services that Luke Johns Landscaping Highton team of gardeners offer are ground maintenance, garden care, and landscape development. They are also Highton’s go-to team of gardeners for reliable horticultural advice.

Services We Offer-Highly Skilled Gardening and Landscaping Workforce in Highton

Luke Johns Landscaping has a team of professional and hardworking gardeners for hire in Highton. Their expert landscaping and gardening workers in Highton are skilled in doing a wide variety of garden and landscape maintenance projects. They are well-trained in doing anything from maintaining plants and potted plants to designing landscapes and gardens. Their hardworking gardeners and landscaping team in Highton can also handle tree care and tree removal projects.

This Highton team of gardeners are also experts when it comes to providing cost-effective landscape installation services. Luke Johns Landscaping Highton is also focused on making sure that all of their services are environment-friendly. Their Highton team of gardeners and landscaping technicians go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver premium quality services by using fewer resources.

They offer a wide range of Gardening and Landscaping Services.
 Garden Cleanup
 Fertilising
 Pruning & Trimming
 Garden Rubbish Removal
 Slashing
 Gardening
 Weed Control
 Landscape Construction
 Lawn and Turf
 Lawn Mowing

Call Luke Johns Landscaping Highton professional landscaping and gardening team today and you will be guaranteed of marked workmanship at its highest quality where your landscape and garden will be well kept and designed accordingly.

Highton Landscaping and Gardening
Luke Johns Landscaping
0490 354 520 Highton

Trustworthy Landscapers Highton Landscapers


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Balconies, BBQ Areas, Courtyards, Decks, Driveways, Entertainment Areas, Entrances, Fish Ponds, Gazebos, Greenhouses, Lawns, Parking Areas, Paths, Patios, Pergolas, Playgrounds, Ponds, Swimming Pools, Water Features


Balcony Gardens, Balinese Gardens, Contemporary Gardens, Cottage Gardens, Formal Gardens, Healing Gardens, Herb Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Meditation Gardens, Native Gardens, Productive Garden, Rock Gardens, Sacred Spaces, Seaside Gardens, Tropical Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, Water Gardens


Cleaning, Clearing, Construction, Consulting, Council Plan Submission, Customising, Design, DIY Plans, Edging, Installation, Maintenance, Mulching, Nature Strips, Plans, Plant Selection, Planting, Project Management, Revegetation, Seeding, Site Clean Up, Soil Preparation, Topping, Trench Digging, Weeding


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Servicing Suburbs

  • How can we contact your landscaping and gardening professionals at Highton ?

    Give Luke Johns Landscaping a call at 0490 354 520 or send them an email to schedule an appointment with them. Their Highton landscaping professionals are committed to excellence in rendering a high quality and unique look to any types of landscapes and gardens. They are looking forward to assisting you.

  • How competitive are your landscaping and gardening workers in Highton?

    The team of landscaping and gardening experts Highton Luke Johns Landscaping are well trained and truly equipped to undertake a wide range of garden and landscape projects with a top-quality finished outcome. They have the best people in the industry. All our team members are experts at providing efficient landscaping and gardening services at all levels.

  • Do you offer free quotes?

    Yes, Luke Johns Landscaping provides no commitment free quotes for all of their Highton clients who wish to avail of their professional Highton landscaping and gardening services. Their efficient team will be happy to showcase their expertise as the go-to landscape and garden specialists in Highton and work with you from start to finish to make sure they deliver the landscaping services suited to your requirements and budget. Call them today!

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