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Over the last years' PetRescue in Bellfield has also been actively promoting the recognition of domestic pets as part of the broader community. PetRescue in Bellfield will do their best to provide a new home for homeless pets and to give them a second chance to live a happy and healthy life.

Bellfield Animal Welfare Charity

Bellfield PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity enabling all Australians to discover the joy and unconditional love a rescue pet brings. Our Animal welfare charity in Bellfield strives hard to give the best care and love to our homeless pets. Our Bellfield Animal welfare charity is now the leading pet adoption centre across Animal welfare charity, Bellfield is now the most visited pet adoption charity in Australia with the support of our awesome community pet lovers.

Animal Lover Team

Pets are in need of a human love for life, that is why our Animal welfare charityBellfield are committed to helping to save every homeless pet. Our Bellfield Animal welfare charity believes there’s a home for every pet in need and enough love to save the lives of all homeless pets in pounds and shelters. Our Animal welfare charity based in Bellfield is consists of a pet lover team which is aiming and are passionate in giving every pet the very best chance of finding a human to love for life.

Our Bellfield Animal welfare charity goal is to oversee the security our pets. No job that is too big or too small with our Bellfield pet adoption centre. It’s a big job, given that we run the most trafficked animal welfare charity website in Bellfield Australia that served around 100 million pages to million visitors in 2016. One of our Bellfield animal welfare charity major partners with enable us to continue our drive to save every life and find a home for every pet are Pedigree, Pet Stock Assist, Woolworths. Jetpets, Lotterywest and Neilson Foundation are one of our animal welfare charity Bellfield major sponsor, offering vital financial support to our projects and programs. Our Bellfield team are aiming to provide you with the best animal welfare charity service that is second to none. Our Bellfield animal welfare charity team are reliable, animal lover, friendly and professional.

For more information about our animal welfare charity, call our Bellfield pet adoption centre.

Bellfield animal welfare charity
PetRescue Bellfield

Pet Rescue | Bellfield Animal Welfare Charity

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Q & A

  • I've found a pet I want to adopt - what's next?

    Once you find a pet you are interested in adopting, you’ll need to contact the rescue group, shelter or pound caring for the pet to find out more. Get in touch with our animal welfare charity group in Bellfield by clicking the orange ‘find out more about this pet’ button located on the profile page. PetRescue supports hundreds of independent rescue organisations, shelters and pounds, and each set their own adoption processes and adoption fees, so you will need to contact them directly for specific information regarding the pet you are interested in. Usually, the process will consist of a chat with the group to see if the pet is potentially a good match, organising a meet and greet with the pet and then completing an application form. For more tips to get you started, please visit our ‘How To’ guide to adopting from PetRescue. Good luck with the search for your new furry family member!

  • Can your animal welfare charity rehome my pet?

    Bellfield PetRescue supports rescue groups and shelters and pounds. Our animal welfare charity doesn't advertise pets from private individuals. You can also use our Rescue Directory to contact the rescue groups in your state, to find one which may have space to take your pet or a waiting list for pet surrenders.

  • Why aren't rescue pets free?

    This is a question that pops up frequently and it’s easy to see why some people would think that, because they are willing to adopt a homeless dog or cat, there should be no adoption fee. Well, in a perfect world, it would be perfectly reasonable. But all rescue pets must be examined by a vet, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed. What’s more, dogs need to be tested for heartworm too. The rescue group pays for all of this out of their own pocket, so in order to make the rescue process sustainable, they need to recoup these costs, at least in part, by charging an adoption fee. In most instances, the adoption fee you pay covers the basic medical expenses incurred. However, if the pet received any extra medical treatment, it's likely that your adoption fee won’t cover these additional costs. Adoption fees generally sit somewhere between $200 and $800. Compare this to the going rate you’d pay for a puppy from a pet store (that in all likelihood came from a puppy farm) that averages between $600 and $1,200, or $100 for a kitten. On top of that, you still have to pay for vaccinations, microchipping and desexing. So, when you add it all up, rescue pets are a bargain! Contact our Bellfield animal welfare charity for more information.

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