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West Moonah Bird Club

At Moonah Homing Society (MHS), bird club members in West Moonah enjoy sharing their birding knowledge and helping one another sharpen their bird watching skills. The Moonah Homing Society bird club is composed of bird enthusiasts who want to learn more about wild birds in their natural environment and West Moonah bird club members who are interested in their conservation and protection. We are a friendly and family friendly bird club in West Moonah which welcomes young and old bird club members who wish to share their appreciation, understanding and knowledge of birds.

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With the rising interest in pet birds in the mid-1980’s, there was an increase in the number of West Moonah bird clubs and large numbers of bird club fanciers became members of old established West Moonah bird clubs or newly formed bird clubs. Moonah Homing Society bird club West Moonah aims to meet the needs of bird enthusiasts, be they serious breeders, individuals who competed in bird show competitions or the owner of a single budgie, well-run clubs could appeal to them all.

The Moonah Homing Society bird club West Moonah work on several levels. Bird club members in West Moonah would be able to meet fellow bird fanciers and make contact with people of similar interests. They could enhance their knowledge about their favourite type of birds, pick up tips on reeding, behaviour, showing birds, but also learn about other varieties of birds and the experiences that other club members have with their birds. But even more than the social aspects, the West Moonah bird club would provide knowledgeable speakers at the monthly West Moonah bird club meetings, discussing varied aspects of aviculture such as breeding, nutrition, disease conditions, behaviour and so forth, that would be of great interest to any bird owner.

West Moonah Bird Club
Moonah Homing Society (MHS)
(03) 6272 0760 West Moonah

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  • How do I join your West Moonah bird club?

    Please contact our West Moonah bird club at (03) 6272 0760 and our friendly staff would be happy to assist you with the registration process. You may also visit our website for more information.

  • How do I get updated on the latest news and information from Moonah Homing Society?

    In order to be updated of the latest bird club events in West Moonah, visit our website listed on this directory profile. You may also call our West Moonah bird club at (03) 6272 0760 and we will be happy to assist you and give you information on our latest events.

  • When was Moonah Homing Society established?

    Moonah Homing Society bird club of West Moonah was formed in 1926 and has a proud bird club history and tradition. Over the years the club has always catered for and maintained a strong membership base.

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