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23 Marieville Esp, Sandy Bay, TAS 7005

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Highly Recommended Yacht Clubs in Sandy Bay

The Derwent Sailing Squadron, under the name of the Domain Sailing Squadron, was formed in February 1906 by a small group of yachtsmen who wanted to sailboats smaller and more affordable than those in vogue at the time. Not long after, the name was changed to the Derwent Sailing Squadron. Our Sandy Bay yacht club believes we are uniquely positioned in the yachting community, with an unrivalled history and focus on members satisfaction. Working with the right Sandy Bay yacht club gives you the ability to have a peace of mind for your best interests.

Derwent Sailing Squadron Sandy Bay Yacht Club is a place where you can mix and mingle with boating enthusiasts of all stripes. Our Sandy Bay yacht club membership houses a strong boating community with interests in leisure cruising, fishing, canoeing, or paddle boarding as well as our spirited power-boating folks. Our Sandy Bay yacht club membership includes everyone from vastly experienced world cruisers to folks learning about boating and those just wanting to play on the water. If you are new to boating, what better way to gain your “sea legs” than by joining a yacht club in Sandy Bay with helpful and experienced members. Our Sandy Bay yacht club has a clubhouse which is a casual place to relax with a great panorama overlooking the Sandy Bay yacht club harbour. The lights at night offer an amazing vista and the main room upstairs is a welcome respite after a day.

As a member of our Sandy Bay yacht club, you will have excellent facilities available to you including an amazing clubhouse, dining galley and bar. our yacht club in Sandy Bay also has cruised to other clubs in the Bay area, social events, and educational opportunities to complement your boating experiences. Derwent Sailing Squadron is unique in that our Sandy Bay yacht club owns our Clubhouse which includes a great dining room and outdoor seating area. As a yacht club member, your boat is easily viewable from the deck, the bar and main dining room. Parking in our Sandy Bay yacht club is ample and in proximity to all docks, so moving gear between your boat and car is easy. Think about the pleasure of staying overnight on your boat with the Sandy Bay yacht club close at hand offering restrooms, showers, tasty meals and chatty bar patrons.

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Derwent Sailing Squadron
03 6223 6626 Sandy Bay

Fully Certified Yacht Clubs in Sandy Bay

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  • Does your yacht club in Sandy Bay provide private courses?

    Private courses offer the Sandy Bay yacht club members the opportunity for personalised instruction in a specific area of interest to the student or enhance a specific set of skills student already have. Enjoy total immersion into sailing while enjoying.

  • Why choose us?

    We understand there is more than one way to teach something. We also understand there is more than one Sandy Bay yacht club for you to choose from. While other Sandy Bay yacht clubs may be teaching essentially the same things, how they teach usually is not. If you choose Derwent Sailing Squadron as your yacht club, our instructors will tailor their instruction to your learning style and goals. If you prepare prior to your course according to our recommended curriculum, you should successfully pass our courses. If for some reason you do not meet the criteria for passing, and you have prepared, we will encourage you to retake the course in a weekend class.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Derwent Sailing Squadron at 03 6223 6626 for more information and details about our Sandy Bay yacht club amenities and programs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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