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Bobby Parsons Sports Centre

Bobby Parsons Sports Centre

Badminton Court - Moonah, TAS 7009

4- 6 Elmsleigh Rd, Moonah, TAS 7009

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Customer Oriented Staff Moonah Badminton Court Moonah

Customer Oriented Staff Moonah Badminton Court

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About Us

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  • Highly Recommended Badminton Court near Moonah

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Customer Oriented Staff

Customer Oriented Staff Moonah Badminton Court

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  • What equipment do I need to bring with me?

    The Moonah badminton court provides nets and shuttles, but we do not provide racquets. All the players in the badminton court have their own racquets.

  • I'm interested in playing competitively, could I get into a team?

    Teams are selected towards the start of the season, by the Moonah Badminton Court Captain supported by the committee. To aid this process, we normally run some "team observations sessions" in a couple of the club training. These allow the committee to observe (primarily new) members playing in a pseudo-competitive situation.

  • Where is your badminton court in Moonah located?

    The badminton court of Bobby Parsons Sports Centre is located at 4- 6 Elmsleigh Rd Moonah TAS 7009. You can also contact us at 03 6272 2292 for more information and details about our badminton court. We look forward to hearing from you.

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