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Montrose Bay Yacht Club

Yacht Clubs - Montrose, TAS 7010

Montrose's Family Friendly Yacht Club

ABN: 16 320 067 357

Foreshore Rd, Montrose, TAS 7010

  • awards Top Sailing Training and Classes
  • awards Considered as One of Consistently Improving Yacht Club Facilities
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About Us

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Montrose Yacht Club and Club Boats

Are you looking for great yacht club to join within Montrose? A yacht club in Montrose that offers great facilities that will meet your expectation? You long wait is over. The yacht club you are seeking for is within your reach. Montrose Montrose Bay Yacht Club offers a great deal for you to spend your boring days by yacht cruising and other activities. Montrose Montrose Bay Yacht Club is consistently thriving to improve facilities and offers a great accommodation. a1001 family-friendly yacht club.

Considered as One of Consistently Improving Yacht Club Facilities

Having boredom days in Montrose? Looking for a place where to spend your day in Montrose? Is yacht club activity on your bucket list?

Yacht Club is considered as expensive and only available for those yacht owners. Yacht clubs have no specific age nor level of abilities to be qualified to join. It encourages every age, in all level of abilities. Yacht clubs are not just about boats or yacht, it's about getting away from worries of the day, unwinding, changing sceneries and fill your heart with satisfaction. Yacht clubs also offer training and classes for beginners. Yacht Club is a family friendly club that gathers every member of the family and has fun together. Creating memories and finding a new hobby you will surely love.

Montrose Bay Yacht Club is a good place where you can spend your free time and weekends. Montrose has a lot of yacht club but Montrose Bay Yacht Club is a must be recommended. Having no knowledge of sailing is not a problem. Montrose Montrose Bay Yacht Club offers training classes for beginners. Club boats are available for use. Montrose Montrose Yacht Club offers great accommodation by providing excellent facilities and amenities. A great getaway in Montrose. Considered as Montrose Consistently Improving Yacht Club and Montrose Excellent Award for Sailing Training Classes.

What to be expected Montrose Montrose Bay Yacht Club:
Training classes for beginners.
Afternoon racing.
Club boat available for use.
Excellent facilities and good accommodation.

Montrose Yacht Club
Montrose Bay Yacht Club
(03) 6272 8016 Montrose

Sailing Lessons Montrose Yacht Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Why choose Montrose Montrose Bay Yacht Club?

    Montrose Bay Yacht Club offers training classes for beginners and provides great accommodation for members. Montrose family-friendly yacht club ideal to spend your get together, day offs and weekends. Great place to find new friends and hobby.

  • What makes it different from other yacht clubs?

    Montrose Bay Yacht Club offers excellent training classes for beginners and that's one thing others don't have. Montrose accept beginners, in all ages and in all level of abilities. Providing great customer services and accommodation.

  • What else could you offer?

    Aside from having training classes, Montrose Bay Yacht Club has club boats available for use. Also, Montrose clubrooms are available for different types of functions and events including the bar and kitchen facilities.

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