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Phase 42 Electrical

Phase 42 Electrical

Electricians - Kingston, TAS 7050

Kingston Electricians Powering the South of Australia

ABN: 33 735 542 603
  • awards Master Electricians Australia Member
  • awards Verifiable Listing in the Australian Business Register
  • awards Licensed Electricians in Kingston
  • awards M-Elec Platinum Licensed Installers and Kingston Electricians
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General Electrical Works Kingston

General Electrical Works

Licensed Electricians Kingston

Licensed Electricians

Data and  Communications Kingston Electricians Kingston

Data and Communications Kingston Electricians

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About Us

  • General Electric Works and Appliance Repairs by Kingston Electricians

  • Kingston Electricians Knowledgeable in Data and Communications

  • Expertise in Efficiency and Automation Systems by Electricians in Kingston

General Electric Works and Appliance Repairs by Kingston Electricians

With over 10 years experience in the electrical trade, we are excited to offer you unparalleled service across greater Hobart in all areas of the electrical trade. Not limited too but including:

Verifiable Listing in the Australian Business Register

- Efficiency and automation systems
- Data and communications
- Irrigation controls
- Maintenance and fault finding
- Appliance repairs
- General electrical repairs
- Heat pump installations

Since 2016, Phase 42 Electrical have worked with a number of residential and commercial clients including hospitality venues, retailers and healthcare providers. We are members of Master Electricians Australia and are M-Elec Platinum Licenced Installers.

Whether it is an oven repair or a quote for a new build, call us today to discuss your needs.

0437 173 660

Data and Communications Kingston Electricians

Products and Services


3 Phase Supply, Cabling, Connections, Data Cabling, Design, Drafting, Electrical Drawings, Fault Detection, Fibre Optic Terminating, Fire Protection, High Voltage Installation, High Voltage Maintenance, Inspections, Installation, Low Voltage Work, MATV, Maintenance, Meter Installation, Networking, Overhead Work, Power Distribution, Reconnections, Renovations, Repairs, Rewiring, Servicing, Solar Power, Tagging, Testing, Troubleshooting, Under Floor, Underground Work, Upgrades, Video Security, Wiring


Commercial, Industrial, Irrigation, Marine, Residential, Rural, Strata


Air Conditioning, Alarms, Boilers, Closed Circuit Television, Computers, Cookers, Cooking Equipment, Coolers, Data Points, Downlights, Dryers, Ducted Systems, Fans, Fire Alarms, Fittings, Floodlights, Fluorescent Lights, Freezers, Furnaces, Garage Doors, Garden Lighting, Gates, HMP, Hand Tools, Heat Pumps, Heaters, Hot Plates, Hot Water Heaters, Intercoms, Internet Connections, Kilns, LAN, LED Lighting, Lamps, LIghting, Meter Boxes, MIcrowaves, Motion Detectors, Motors, Outdoor Lighting, Ovens, Overhead Mains, PABX, Phones, Pool Lighting, Portable Units, Power Lines, Power Tools, Pumps, Reconditioned Units, Refrigerated Cooling Systems, Refrigerators, Reverse Cycle Systems, Room Units, Safes, Safety Switches, Sensors, Smoke Alarms, Spas, Split Systems, Stoves, Street Lights, Surveillance Systems, Switchboards, Switches, Television Aerials, Televisions, Traffic Lights, UPS, Utilities, WAN, Wall Units, Washing Machines, White Goods, i-Controls

Property Type

Banks, Buildings, Caravan Parks, Factories, Farms, Flats, High Rises, Houses, Medical Centres, Mobile Homes, Offices, Schools, Sheds, Shops, Sports Fields, Swimming Pools


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Servicing Suburbs

  • What are your availabilities as Kingston electricians?

    We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. This means that we are on-call, even after-hours and on emergency situations. Our Kingston electricians will come to you at your most convenient schedule.

  • Where are you located and which areas do you service?

    We are Kingston electricians located in Raft Court, Kingston. We are able to provide unparalleled general electrical works, appliance repairs, installation of efficiency and automation systems in Kingston and its surrounding suburbs.

  • Why should we choose you?

    We are licensed electricians in Kingston. We are also listed in the Australia Business Register. We have also been made a member of the Master Electricians Australia. We are a trusted local business powering the south of Australia.

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