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Kingborough Netball Association

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Highly Acclaimed Netball Club in Kingston

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About Us

  • Exciting Netball Club Clinics for Kingston Players

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Exciting Netball Club Clinics for Kingston Players

Have you been wanting to join a sports club yet you do not have any idea as to which one to sign up? When you are into a game of netball, the highly recommended netball club here in Kingston is the Kingborough Netball Association. It is the best training ground when it comes to netball. Moreover, being its Kingston netball club member, one gets to enhance his sports skills and expand his network of friends. Indeed, joining this netball club here in Kingston swears of loads of exciting events, casual netball games and challenging competitions.

Kingston Netball Club with Years of Experience

For the past 37 years, Kingborough Netball Association has been providing scores of training programs, netball clinics and netball club activities to a lot of netball players in Kingston from different age levels. Our club is committed to giving numerous opportunities to our netball club members around Kingston in terms of skill development, connection with other clubs and fun-filled recreation. Kingborough Netball Association aims to promote healthy lifestyle, recognition and sense of community to all our Kingston netball club members.

Our netball club speaks highly of our teams of promising netball players in Kingston. Specifically, our netball club has different rosters of Kingston players which include the Grades 3 and 4, Grades 5 and 6, Highschool. What is more, our netball club here in Kingston has the remarkable NetSetGO. This program targets children aged 5-10 who are into the game of netball. How wonderful it is to see your kids learn the fundamentals of the game and at the same time enjoy netball with the company of his best buddies. Additionally, this weekly program of our netball club for Kingston kids is handled by our best coaches. Indeed, the kids will have a first-rate training and undeniable fun.

Accessibly located in Kingston, out netball club is equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Out Kingston netball club members and their families are assured of comfort and convenience. To boot, our netball club has been hosting several sporting events, socials, gatherings and sports activities around Kingston for years now.

To join our growing netball club family in Kingston, call Kingborough Netball Association at 03 6211 8262. A lot of educational and exciting netball club activities around Kingston await.

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Kingborough Netball Association
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  • Why should I choose your netball club over other clubs around Kingston?

    For the past 37 years, Kingborough Netball Association has been providing a lot of opportunities to our netball club members in Kingston. We have commendable training programs and netball clinics. Surely, players will fully develop their skills and have fun.

  • Do you train kids as young as 6 years old?

    Yes, our netball club has a program targeting Kingston kids aged 5-10. This weekly program will teach your kids the basic of netball and introduce sports discipline at an early age as well. Indeed, kids will learn and have fun at the same time.

  • How can I become a netball club member of Kingborough Netball Association?

    To join our netball club family here in Kingston, call Kingborough Netball Association at 03 6211 8262 for registration details. You call also visit our website or Facebook page to get updates on our upcoming events.

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