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Fastest TV Installation Experts in Hobart

Jim’s Antennas has been providing home theater, surround sound and TV antenna installation services since 1999. They are the known leader in the TV antenna installation field for their in-depth training and years of work experience. Their qualified TV antenna installation technicians are also available to provide a wide range of modern telephone and data solutions for your home and office needs. Backed with a full, no fuss warranty and their state-of-the-art digital TV antenna installation equipment, you may rest assured that your new home theater system will be handled by professionals.

Trained TV Installation Professionals in Hobart

Aside from TV antenna installation, they also provide anti bird spike setup services to prevent common birds from landing on your rooftop edges, ledges, window sills and chimneys that may cause potential damage to your TV antenna installations. This TV antenna installation company also takes pride in giving customers free quotes for TV antenna installation jobs of all sizes. For customers who are always on the go, their 24-hour online booking option is always available for quick and hassle-free security system, video intercom and TV antenna installation requests.

Do you need multiple TV antenna installations for your commercial property? Jim’s Antennas is one of the best master antennas specialists in the area. For commercial complexes, they recommend clients to use a master antenna or MATV instead of individual TV antenna installations. This is basically a system where a central TV antenna installation supplies a free-to-air TV signal to multiple locations. For customers who are worried about high costs, this is the most affordable option since it is more functional than having separate TV antenna installations for each and every television that they may have. For a no obligation quote about their residential TV antenna installation or commercial TV antenna installation, MATV and SMATV services, get in touch with them today at 1300 733 093 or fill out their online contact form for a prompt response.

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Cabling TV Antenna Installation

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  • How will I know if I can install an antenna in my roof space?

    Make sure that their is enough room in your roof or where you want your TV antenna installation be made. As the leading provider in TV antenna installations in Hobart, we can make recommendations on where in your home can be the best location for the equipment to receive the best signal possible. Contact us now or fill out our online form for us to be able to assist you better.

  • Are all TV Antenna Installation the sane in Hobart? Which one should I use?

    As we move further in the digital age, the more high tech and complex TVs are being made that may be not compatible with old model antennas. To prevent compatibility issues with your new TV and old equipment, our technicians can give you tips on choosing the right TV antenna installations in Hobart. You can also research your TV's technical specifications to give you an idea on what works and what doesn't.

  • Can you give me more information about Freeview?

    Freeview is the free digital television service in Australia which promotes and presents Australia’s free-to-air channels and content to all Australians. Launched in 2008, their number one mission is to deliver a free-to-air platform to all Australians on whatever device they choose, without the fees. For information about Freeview and how it works, check out You can also ask our local technicians while they're working on your TV antenna installation request.

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