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Southern Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Association

Southern Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Association

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The Best Competitive Pigeon Racing Bird Club in Granton

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Friendliest Bird Club Granton Bird Clubs Granton

Friendliest Bird Club Granton Bird Clubs

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About Us

  • One of Active Bird Clubs in Granton

  • Friendliest Bird Club in Granton

  • Years of Experience in Breeding Racing Pigeons

  • Devoted to Improving Racing Pigeon Standard

One of Active Bird Clubs in Granton

Since ancient times people have been using birds to send messages to across great distances, but slowly their use declined as technology improved. However, a bird club in Granton known as the Southern Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Association has kept the knowledge and tradition alive. Unlike other bird clubs in Granton, only ours is focused on training and breeding racing pigeons which we consider as a fulfilling hobby. 

Renowned Racing Pigeon Bird Club in Granton

The origin of modern racing pigeons comes from the widely used carrier pigeons which were raised and trained to deliver messages across great distances. Although people nowadays no longer use birds to communicate, the tradition is still being kept alive in Granton by hobbyists and bird clubs. Our bird club for several years now has been a haven of bird racing enthusiasts in Granton. Our bird club members 

Some of our veteran bird club members in Granton even acquired the hobby from their families. The idea of raising pigeons for racing has been present for decades with races hundreds of races being held internationally. Our bird club not only aims to develop the competitive edge of our members here at Granton but also to become a repository of bird keeping knowledge. 

Our Granton bird club is strictly devoted to promoting and improving the standards and techniques involved in breeding racing pigeons. Over the years since we founded our bird club in Granton, we had raised the competitive level of racing pigeons being hatched by our bird club members. Through open discussions and free training sessions, our bird club members' husbandry techniques have improved significantly which has affected the overall health and viability of racing pigeon stocks in Granton.

Aside from providing information and helping maintain a standard in the pigeon racing hobby. Our bird club also focuses on keeping the practice of competitive bird keeping alive in Granton. We consider the knowledge of being able to train and breed birds for racing something which should be preserved for future generations. The presence of our bird club here in Granton  is a testament that there is still a growing interest in the hobby.

We welcome any new members who wish to grow their knowledge on competitive bird racing to come join our bird club at Granton. Our friendly Granton bird club members will be more than happy to welcome you in the hobby and provide you with valuable information which you would not otherwise gain through other means. If it is your first time joining a bird club in Granton, then we highly encourage you to contact our main office. 

So, call our Granton bird club today to learn more about what the Southern Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Association to learn more about the hobby.

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Southern Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Association
(03) 6263 3600 Granton

Friendliest Bird Club Granton Bird Clubs

Servicing Suburbs

  • What are the Benefits of a Granton Bird Club Member?

    As a member, you'll be able to participate in our Granton bird club activities which include but is not limited to hosted competitions, special seminars, and access to club facilities. It is also a great chance for you to expand your social links to the hobby and get in touch with other like minded individuals.

  • Where is your Bird Club located in Granton?

    Our Granton bird club is located in Granton, TAS 7030 which is easily recognizable in the area and by the locals. For on-site visits, we strongly suggest calling our office number (03) 6263 3600 to schedule an appointment.

  • What is the Main Focus of Your Bird Club?

    The main focus of our bird club is to improve the competitive standards of pigeon racing in Granton. Additionally, we hope to grow the hobby and the sport by offering free training and other social functions in Granton to our members and interested parties.

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