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8a Constance Ave, Glenorchy, TAS 7010

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YMCA Of Hobart Glenorchy basketball club program consists of our core training which includes leadership, integrity, motivation, ethics, responsibility, discipline and loyalty. With these Glenorchy basketball club training that we have, any athlete can accomplish any goal they set their mind to. The basketball club of YMCA Of Hobart teaches these along with many others to help kids prepare and develop for the future. Basketball is not only dribbling and shooting, basketball along with many other sports teaches kids factors needed in life. The Glenorchy basketball club coaches of YMCA Of Hobart are dedicated to helping kids and making sure we are there for them as coaches and mentors.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Glenorchy basketball club's main goal is to ensure kids are receiving the proper and best training possible. Our Glenorchy basketball club provide this by having paid coaches and referees that know the sport and are certified. We have created an innovative Glenorchy basketball club program to give the best of both worlds.

By providing kids with an ideal Glenorchy basketball club training program that gives them the fundamental training they need to the competitive part of the game. Our Glenorchy basketball club program has an off-season/pre-season training the month before games begin. The kids come for training in our Glenorchy basketball club per week to practice no games only skill-development practices working on basic fundamentals, strength and conditioning. Then once the season begins the Glenorchy basketball club go back to giving them practices per week which are team practices where they learn the offences and defences while still have to condition.

Your child will receive proper instruction in the game of basketball with an emphasis on fundamentals. Our basketball club in Glenorchy will help your child develop all of the necessary basketball skills which include: shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defence. If your child has a passion for the game and wants to attain the next level, our Glenorchy basketball club are also prepared to offer you a variety of choices including camps and clinics or intensive individual or small group skill development training that is essential to improvement. Your child’s self-confidence will grow along with his/her skills and overall appreciation of the game.

The Glenorchy basketball club's goal is to make sure all of the members have fun, enjoy the sports but also learn and become self-confident, increase self-esteem, leadership skills, teamwork and becomes disciplined athletes.

Glenorchy Basketball Club
YMCA Of Hobart
03 6272 8077 Glenorchy

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  • Where are you located in Glenorchy?

    The basketball club of YMCA Of Hobart is located at 8a Constance Ave, Glenorchy TAS 7010. Why not become a part of YMCA Of Hobart when it strives for your benefit! Why not become a part of the lifetime experience that can provide emotionally and financially for you! Channel your basketball desires with us at YMCA Of Hobart right here in our leagues.

  • How to contact you?

    You can visit us the basketball club of YMCA Of Hobart 8a Constance Ave, Glenorchy TAS 7010 or contact us at 03 6272 8077 for more information and details about our basketball club services and amenities. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Why choose our basketball club in Glenorchy?

    The focus of our basketball club in Glenorchy is to raise the player’s basketball ability while having lots of fun while maintaining the integrity of a competitive environment. We strive to provide our youth basketball players with happy memories that last a lifetime.

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