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Geilston Bay Boat Club (Inc)

Yacht Clubs - Geilston Bay, TAS 7015

One of Geilston Bay's Most Preferred Yacht Clubs

ABN: 99 567 836 627

De Bomford La, Geilston Bay, TAS 7015

  • awards Most Preferred Community Boat Club in Geilston Bay
  • awards Best Wheelchair Friendly Yacht Clubs Facilities in Geilston Bay
  • awards The Number 1 Choice For Yacht Clubs in Geilston Bay
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Who we are

  • All-Year-Round Sailing Activities

  • Approximately 300 Active Members

  • Among The Family Friendly Yacht Clubs in Geilston Bay

All-Year-Round Sailing Activities

Trying to find yacht clubs near your area? Are you having a hard time in finding a yacht club that best suits your needs, budget, and preferences? Check out Geilston Bay Boat Club today.

Ever since the early 1980s, Geilston Bay Boat Club has been among the most preferred yacht clubs in Geilston Bay. Located in De Bomford Lane, right at the edge of Geilston Bay, this yacht club provides its members and guests with a beautiful view of the waters, warm sea breeze, and fresh salty air.

Geilston Bay Boat Club is a registered yacht club that boasts of a number of club rooms for its members and guests. We are among the trusted yacht clubs that have bar and catering facilities that are open to the public during Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. All of Geilston Bay Boat Club’s function rooms are available for rent even for non-yacht club members. These function rooms are perfect for seminars, corporate meetings, and social events.

As of writing, Geilston Bay Boat Club has a team of around 300 active members. These yacht club members are treated to a number of sailing tournaments and social events that happen throughout the year. Geilston Bay Boat Club is one of the few yacht clubs in Geilston Bay that stay active all-year-round. We are one of the best yacht clubs that host fun and engaging monthly sail days, summer twilight series, and much more cruising events for our members in Geilston Bay.

If you are on the hunt for trusted yacht clubs in Geilston Bay, consider being part of Geilston Bay Boat Club. We are a reliable yacht club that has been serving the Geilston Bay sailing community since the 1980s. Geilston Bay Boat Club strives to be the number one choice in yacht clubs all over Geilston Bay. We proudly cater to all water-going vessels and not just yachts.

To know more about what our yacht club can do for you, simply visit our website and or shoot us an email through the address provided in this post. You may also speak with our staff directly when you call them on 03 6243 6183.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Geilston Bay Yacht Clubs
Geilston Bay Boat Club
03 6243 6183 Geilston Bay

Best Wheelchair Friendly Yacht Clubs Facilities in Geilston Bay

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Servicing Suburbs


  • Why are you the best choice when it comes to yacht clubs in Geilston Bay?

    If you're trying to find a registered and trusted yacht club in your area, Geilston Bay Boat Club is your best choice. We have been proudly serving the sailing community in Geilston Bay since the early 1980s. We provide our members and guests with personalised services that contribute to us being the most preferred yacht club in Geilston Bay.

  • Are your facilities open for public use?

    When you visit Geilston Bay Boat Club, regardless if you are a member or not, you are treated like family. Our well-trained and friendly staff is committed to providing premium quality services to all of our esteemed members and guests. This is the reason why we continue to be among the best yacht clubs in town.

  • How can we contact you?

    If you wish to know more about what our yacht club offers our members and guests, you may visit our website or send us an email through We also advise that you follow Geilston Bay Boat Club's Facebook page to get updates on our services and events. You may also contact us directly on 03 6243 6183.

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