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Burnie Yacht Club

Burnie Yacht Club

Yacht Clubs - Burnie, TAS 7320

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ABN: 59 757 839 190

South Burnie Esp, Burnie, TAS 7320

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Yacht Clubs  Burnie Yacht Clubs Burnie

Yacht Clubs Burnie Yacht Clubs

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About Us

  • 100% Safety Regulated yacht clubs in Burnie

  • Fully Certified Yacht Clubs in Burnie

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100% Safety Regulated yacht clubs in Burnie

If the goal is to learn how to sail effectively, then the place to go is not just any ordinary Burnie Yacht Clubs but at Burnie Yacht Club. They are one of the friendliest and safest Yacht Clubs in Burnie – and not only that but so much more. With Yacht Clubs in Burnie you can trust that you will get the best classes when it comes to sailing as well as they are also a Yacht Clubs in Burnie who excels in providing exciting tournaments to its members.

Highly preffered yacht clubs in Burnie

For parents who want to instill the love of sailing to their kids, then this is the Burnie Yacht Clubs for them! Throughout the entire season the Burnie Yacht Clubs is busy tutoring or having classes may it be for junior or adult sailors. One of the other things that keep the Burnie Yacht Clubs busy is they run full racing programs and other events that keep the excitement going.

If aside from sailing, socializing is the goal – then you are in the right Burnie Yacht Clubs. They do have twilight races and other hosting events that push the members to get to know each other better – surely, a Burnie Yacht Clubs that treats each other more like family. One of the most important thing as well is the safety of their members, which is one thing that the Burnie Yacht Clubs have made sure to prioritize in their events. For new members who want to join or get taught, trust that the Burnie Yacht Clubs have made sure all their teachers are highly trained and fully certified so that you have peace of mind.

Now when you have decided to be a part of the Burnie Yacht Clubs, make sure that you are ready to enjoy and have fun. The best Yacht Clubs in Burnie is offering a large hall for special occasions and can also be rented for any events. This Yacht Clubs in Burnie also has a huge, complete kitchen that provides sumptuous feasts and packages for sailors and guests alike. Now when in search for a Yacht Clubs in Burnie that has been here for a long time, no need to look any further because this is the Yacht Clubs in Burnie that is definitely worth trying!

Burnie Yacht Clubs
Burnie Yacht Club
(03) 6431 5353 Burnie

Yacht Clubs Burnie Yacht Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

  • What facilities do you have in the Burnie Yacht Clubs?

    Only what you need for us to better serve you! Our Yacht Clubs in Burnie has a large hall, awesome kitchen and a whole array of boats and yacht that you and the rest of the members can use for your races!

  • How can we best reach you?

    You can always give us a ring at (03) 6431 5353 as we patiently answer any questions on membership, tutorials and others. Our Burnie Yacht Clubs is always ready and excited to answer any questions you might have.

  • What do I need to do to become a member?

    For any specific information, we would be glad to give them to you over the phone. However, the most important item the Yacht Clubs in Burnie wants you to have is a love to know more about the sea and sailing and a passion for getting to know more people!

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