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Riverside Sprint Club (R.H.S)

Bird Clubs - Bridgewater, TAS 7030

Distinguished Bird Club in Bridgewater

3 Riverside Drv, Bridgewater, TAS 7030

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Fun-filled Activities for Bird Club Members in Bridgewater

Not all share the same passion. That is why finding a support group that has your liking is a plus. For bird lovers here in Bridgewater, to be under the umbrella of a prominent bird club such as the Riverside Sprint Club is a rewarding opportunity. For years now, this bird club has been providing commendable aviculture activities, educational training, seminars and informative programs for birders of Bridgewater. It has been a sanctuary of learning for many a bird club member here in Bridgewater.

This highly recognized bird club in Bridgewater welcomes all kinds of bird owners and hobbyists. It is open for beginners, casual birders, travelling, enthusiasts and experts. Riverside Sprint Club. Imagine the fun of meeting birders of different skill levels having birds of varying species. Being a member of our bird club, one gets to rub elbows with the bird experts around Bridgewater. A bird club member can exchange ideas, tips and learnings with co-hobbyists in Bridgewater. Surely, you will gain extra knowledge while enjoying your line of interest.

Riverside Sprint Club never runs out of enthusing activities and wonderful club trips. How awesome it is to visit bird-watching localities, fantastic birding sites and pet stores. Being one with nature is truly relaxing. Our bird club has been organizing interesting socials for bird lovers of Bridgewater. In particular, we have pleasurable picnics, enlightening bird shows and memorable club trips. Club members get to share their bird sighting experiences, pet care advice, breeding tips and pet owner responsibilities. More than that, being in this bird club, you will get to know go-to vets and best local feeds and bird item suppliers here in Bridgewater.

Our bird club speaks highly of our utmost support to environmental and conservation projects of Bridgewater community most especially in terms of aviculture. We aim to educate the locals of Bridgewater and disseminate important information concerning aviculture and animal rights. Moreover, we sponsor helpful bird club programs around Bridgewater in the likes of breeding birds and bird adoption.

Joining our highly regarded bird club, you will have the chance to expand your network. What is more, our bird club coordinates with other clubs here in Bridgewater. Hence, our bird club members get to meet other birders, bird lovers and enthusiasts around Bridgewater. We also hold regular bird club meeting to update every member of our upcoming Bridgewater activities, programs and events. To add, we also talk about the latest news regarding aviculture and our Bridgewater bird club achievements.

Be a member of Riverside Sprint Club. Let us all together explore the aviculture community, learn and educate others. Call us at 03 6263 6660 for registration details.

Bridgewater Bird Club
Riverside Sprint Club
03 6263 6660 Bridgewater

Network of Bird Lovers and Experts

Servicing Suburbs

  • Does your bird club accepts beginners in this hobby?

    Yes, our bird club welcomes all bird lovers and experts with different skill levels around Bridgewater. If you are starting in this hobby, it is a must that you join our club as you will be exposed to experts and casual birders. Surely, you will gain extra info and friends.

  • How can I join your bird club?

    Join our growing family by giving our bird club a visit here in Bridgewater. You can also call us at 03 6263 6660. We look forward to having you on our club. Let us explore and enjoy the aviculture community.

  • Do you also provide a list of best vets and pet shops here in Bridgewater?

    Yes, our bird club often updates our club members on the latest news here in Bridgewater. Club members get to share the go-to vets as well as recommended pet shop for bird items and supplies.

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