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Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated

Yacht Clubs - Whyalla, SA 5600

Most Preferred Yacht Club in Whyalla

ABN: 25 105 190 010

Foreshore, Whyalla, SA 5600

  • awards 60th Year Anniversary
  • awards A Family-Oriented Yacht Club in Whyalla
  • awards The Best Whyalla Yacht Club
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Our Profile

  • Prestigious Yacht Club in Whyalla

  • Most Favored Whyalla Yacht Club

  • Established in 1957

Prestigious Yacht Club in Whyalla

Thinking of starting a new hobby? Consider becoming one of Whyalla’s best local sailors when you join Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated. This well-known local yacht club has been in existence for six decades. Established in 1975, Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated is among the most trusted yacht clubs in the area. We are a licensed local yacht club business that strive to celebrate the beauty of the ocean.

We, at Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated, are very proud to share with you that we have been in business for 60 years. We are recognized as one of the few established local yacht clubs in Whyalla.

If you decide to join our local yacht club, we are confident that we can share with you the values and principles that all of the members of the yacht club practice – family above all. At Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated, you, along with each and every one of our members, are treated fairly and with compassion.

To continue being among the best yacht clubs in Whyalla for many years to come is our ultimate goal. We are also committed to sharing with the local Whyalla community the calm, beauty, and relaxation the sport of sailing can bring. Although quite limited on the time schedules and yacht club events as of the moment, the love for sailing still lives on through each of our members. And this is what we are dedicated to instill onto each of our members, old and new alike.

Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated has a team of friendly yacht club members who understand that sailing is not an easy sport. The purpose of this yacht club is to share the latest and most advanced technology with each member throughout Whyalla.

Whether you are an aspiring sailor who is first starting out and in need of professional help or an experienced man of the sea, we welcome you to be part of our continuously growing team in Whyalla. We are proud to be among the most preferred local yacht clubs all throughout Whyalla.

You can catch Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated’s group of friendly and very accommodating yacht club members every Saturday, from 4:30 in the afternoon up until 8:30 in the evening. Our yacht club members gather and bond every Saturday at the Whyalla Marina.

If you wish to know more about this local trusted yacht club in your area, do not hesitate to contact us on 08 8645 2852. Whyalla Boatowners Association is also on Facebook. Just simply tick on the link that was provided in this page.

So, what are you waiting for? If you love the ocean as much as you love the sports of sailing, we advise that you reach out to us and our yacht club members in Whyalla will do everything they can to help you become a better sailor.

Whyalla Yacht Clubs
Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated
08 8645 2852 Whyalla

A Family-Oriented Yacht Club in Whyalla

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  • Have you been a local Whyalla yacht club for long?

    Yes. As a matter a fact, this local yacht club has been established in 1957. Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated is recognized as among the most preferred yacht clubs around Whyalla. We, at Whyalla Boatowners Association Incorporated, are more than eager to have you join us and share with us your passion for this sport. You may contact us on 08 8645 2852.

  • Is there any other way we can contact your office besides through telephone?

    Even though we have been in existence for six decades, we know how to go with the flow. For our Whyalla friends' convenience, you may reach out to and bond with our yacht club members through our Facebook page

  • Do you organise social events for your yacht club members in Whyalla?

    Yes. As what was mentioned, this local yacht club values family-oriented principles. To promote and further strengthen the group, we sometimes host dinners and other social events for our members. The most recent one was when we celebrated our 60th founding anniversary. You may view the pictures on our Facebook page. Happy viewing!

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