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13 Sharp St, Whyalla, SA 5600

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Whyalla Radiator Repairs and Auto Air

Natrad Whyalla is most trusted auto cooling specialists and radiator repairs, with around 70 stores nationwide, supported and owned by Australia’s premier radiator manufacturer, Adrad, whose products are synonymous with exceptional quality. We are the market leader in radiator repairs and air conditioning repairs at Whyalla, replacement and maintenance, expertly servicing retail, trade and large industrial accounts. We, at Natrad Whyalla, began in 1922 as Motor Radiators, a well-respected manufacturer and supplier of original equipment for radiator repairs to some of the automotive industry’s biggest names, including Holden, Ford and Kenworth. Natrad now stocks a huge range of radiator repairs and air-conditioning products, with several major warehouses in strategic locations around the country.

Top Quality Air Conditioning Parts

At Natrad Whyalla, we provide specialist auto air conditioning service and radiator repairs, ensuring your driving comfort and safety all year round. Our licensed radiator repairs and auto air technicians in Whyalla are not only skilled diagnosticians and repairers, the Natrad network gives them access to a comprehensive range of auto air conditioning parts and accessories. We aim in helping you maintain engine performance, support your transmission, increase the overall longevity of your engine and assist in lowering fuel emissions in Whyalla. At Natrad Whyalla, our radiator repairs and cooling specialists are highly skilled in the diagnosis of issues, and in the replacement, repair and maintenance of automotive cooling systems. We have both the expertise in radiator repairs at Whyalla and access to parts and products that mean your car’s cooling system is in safe hands. We offer services not just for radiator repairs at Whyalla but also for Air Conditioning Service & Repair, Cooling System Repairs, Radiator Flush Cleanout, Cooling System Inspection, Pressure Testing, and Fabrication. Natrad Whyalla provide specialist for radiator repairs and auto air repairs, replacement and maintenance for vehicles of all sizes. Our experts in Whyalla can check your radiator for radiator repairs or air conditioning to make sure they are running properly and identify any issues. Once we know what the problem is regardless if it's for radiator repairs or not, we’ll talk to you about what we need to do to fix it. All our radiator repairs, maintenance and replacement services in Whyalla are geared towards ensuring your vehicle’s cooling system is in peak condition, which means your engine is protected against damage.

So for your radiator repairs and auto air services, please don't hesitate to call us at Whyalla through this number (08) 8645 2966. Our professional team in Whyalla are always ready to assist you with a smile.

Whyalla Radiator Repairs
Natrad Whyalla
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  • Where can I find your Radiators & Auto Air Stores?

    Natrad workshops have over a thousand years’ experience in radiator repairs and auto air conditioning repairs and service. You can find your closest Natrad Radiators & Auto Air store using the map on our website. Our large network of specialists shares information between each other about the best available cooling products and solutions. This means Natrad Radiators & Auto Air stores, not just in Whyalla, have a wealth of knowledge and the expertise necessary to deliver quality parts, great value and excellent service.

  • How does your 3-year nationwide warranty works?

    At Natrad Whyalla, we provide personal, professional and quality service. All our staff are fully trained technicians in radiator repairs, with an average of 10 years industry service. We are the only network of radiator replacement and repair specialists that can provide a true, manufacturer-supported 3-year nationwide warranty. When you have your radiator replaced or re-cored at any Natrad store, you will receive a warranty registration card. Twelve months after your initial purchase you’ll receive a friendly service reminder that it’s time to have your free cooling system check. Following this check, your warranty is then validated for the next 12 month period. Twelve months later (two years after your radiator purchase), you will again receive a service reminder to have your cooling system serviced. This will validate your warranty for the third and final year. During servicing, the Natrad technician will inspect all components of the cooling system for possible wear and tear, and advise you of any problems needing attention.Peace of Mind Natrad’s 3-year nationwide warranty ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that your radiator is working at its best and that any issues will be detected before causing damage to your vehicle.

  • How to contact you in Whyalla for any radiator repairs?

    For more detailed information about radiator repairs and auto air services in Whyalla, Nip into Natrad today! Call us on (08) 8645 2966 or find your closest Natrad store using the online store locator through our website.

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