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Eight Ball Association of South Australia Inc The

Snooker Clubs - West Croydon, SA 5008

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ABN: 57 140 243 718

19 Rosetta St, West Croydon, SA 5008

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About Us

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Fun-filled Snooker Club Activities in West Croydon

Enjoying a game of sport is indeed a must experience. Nothing compares to the thrill of vying tournaments and fun camaraderie. For West Croydon cue sports enthusiasts, visiting a snooker club promises a handful of exciting pool activities. If you are looking for a snooker club that swears of action-packed pool games, modern facilities and a homely atmosphere, you must visit The Eight Ball Association of South Australia Inc in West Croydon.

The Eight Ball Association of South Australia Inc is a regular hang out of West Croydon snooker club members, pool players, both experts in the sport and those who are just beginners. Strategically located in West Croydon, this snooker club offers an array of challenging pool games and competitive snooker leagues. Our snooker club has been hosting fun pool tournaments and casual snooker games in West Croydon for years now. Our snooker club has an inviting and laid-back environment where folks of West Croydon can socialize and chill out. Indeed, our West Croydon guests and snooker club regulars are sure to get comfy with our cosy lounge area. Also, we take pride in our accommodating snooker club staff who are all approachable and trained in delivering quality service for West Croydon guests and players. Accordingly, we have a variety of refreshments and snacks too that are reasonably priced. For a nice chat and socials, our snooker club in West Croydon will surely give you that relaxing feel.

Do not miss the chance to visit our superb snooker club and get a chance to rub elbows with the finest snooker players around West Croydon. Participate in our engaging snooker club activities and interesting casual pool games available for West Croydon pool players. We provide the best tables in the league. Join our different snooker and pool leagues for a no-fail remarkable experience. Our West Croydon snooker club has loads of amazing prizes and trophies in store for the winners.

Enjoy your favourite game of cue sport now only in the excellent snooker club in West Croydon. Visit The Eight Ball Association of South Australia Inc. Do not miss out the chance of having a superior snooker club experience in West Croydon. Scores of fantastic snooker club activities await every West Croydon customer. For inquiries, call us at 08 8340 1455.

West Croydon Snooker Club
Eight Ball Association of South Australia Inc The
08 8340 1455 West Croydon

Highly-organized Function Areas

Servicing Suburbs

  • Can a novice pool player join your snooker club leagues and tournaments?

    Yes, we have a wide array of interesting pool tournaments and competitive leagues that cater to different levels. Our snooker club hosts casual pool games for beginners and cutthroat tournaments for West Croydon snooker pros.

  • How can we contact your club for upcoming events?

    If you want to be updated with the latest snooker club news, upcoming pool events and vying competitions, visit us here in West Croydon. You may also call us at 08 8340 1455.

  • Why should I visit your West Croydon snooker club?

    Our snooker club here in West Croydon swears of an inviting and relaxing environment. If you want to simply just hang out and enjoy with your friends, our snooker club has a laid-back lounge area and entertainment area. Also, our club never runs out of exciting pool games and snooker club activities.

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