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Henley Sailing Club Incorporated

Henley Sailing Club Incorporated

Yacht Clubs - West Beach, SA 5024

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ABN: 62 172 686 417

1 Esplanade St, West Beach, SA 5024

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Yacht Club  West Beach Yacht Clubs West Beach

Yacht Club West Beach Yacht Clubs

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About Us

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The best yacht clubs in West Beach

Are you looking to have an enjoyable weekend where you can be one with the sea? Only Henley Sailing Club Incorporated can provide high-value entertainment in West Beach yacht clubs! With their yacht clubs in West Beach, you can enjoy a family friendly yacht clubs in West Beach that may be small in size but heavy on the beautiful scenery. There is often a race sponsored by the West Beach yacht clubs on the weekends and chosen weekdays. The team of West Beach yacht clubs makes sure that when you are sailing you get interesting winds and a condition that can challenge your skills in riding.

Trained in safety West Beach yacht clubs

Not only does a great West Beach yacht clubs offer sailing, they also offer lazy afternoons where you can socialise and bbq’s and stores as well as enjoy a night of camping with the kids and family. The awesome team of West Beach yacht clubs also offers Sunday afternoon teas and picnics on the lawn. The West Beach yacht clubs are also open to anybody from different age brackets who want to avail of the amenities and services that they offer, most of the time for free once already a member – now who knows a yacht clubs in West Beach that offer that?

For those who want to know more about sailing, this is the yacht clubs in West Beach that can answer your needs – experienced sailors provide in house coaching opportunities to those who are new to sailing or want to improve on it. If you are also looking for great food then you have come to the West Beach yacht clubs who know what great food is – this is the West Beach yacht clubs that comes with a complete kitchen that can provide any hungry mouth with a succulent feast. Also, once the food is ready these special West Beach yacht clubs have a lounge area that is fully furnished and also provides the club member with a view like no other. To those who want to chill and drink, the West Beach yacht clubs also have a mini bar where you can stay after sailing. If you need a quick change of bath, these West Beach yacht clubs have changing room that provides hot showers as well. Call today to know more!

West Beach Yacht Clubs
Henley Sailing Club Incorporated
(08) 8356 6393 West Beach

Yacht Club West Beach Yacht Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

Q & A

  • What facilities do your West Beach yacht clubs have?

    You can expect many things in our West Beach yacht clubs – we have riverside lawns, changing rooms with hot showers, boat store and car parks. This and many more you can see if you visit soon!

  • How can we best reach you?

    You can give us a ring at (08) 8356 6393 where we are always available to serve and answer any of your questions and to also provide you details of the awesome services that our West Beach yacht clubs can offer!

  • Why should we join your yacht club?

    We only want you to enjoy the best things in life! Our yacht clubs in West Beach can provide you a great avenue to both relax as well as to gain more skills and friends. Call today so we can talk!

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