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South Australian Waterfowl Club Inc.

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16 George St, Torrens Park, SA 5062

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Highly Recommended Torrens Park Bird Club

The Torrens Park bird club of South Australian Waterfowl Club, is the largest and one of the best bird clubs in Torrens Park. Membership is opened to all who are interested in birds and nature. The Torrens Park bird club sponsors an active program of year-round field trips, covering the entire area of Torrens Park. Guests are always welcome on Torrens Parkbird club walks and at Torrens Park bird club meetings. Our Torrens Park bird club mission is to enhance our knowledge of all birds, their behaviour and their habitats, and to introduce the public to the conservation and science of our avian heritage through enjoyable participation by the Torrens Park bird club members.

Many people become Members-Supporters because they share the same or similar values which our Torrens Park bird club represents. These values focus first on protecting and caring for land sanctuaries within which nature’s diverse flora and fauna can flourish. The values’ second focus is on teaching and nurturing both an accurate understanding of, and a deep appreciation for the natural world. The Torrens Park bird club members and supporters help bring these values to bear on our common life.

There are also other, more personal benefits for the Torrens Park bird club members. The Torrens Park bird club meetings cover a wide range of natural history topics. Day field trips include, of course, bird watching under expert guidance. Persons with little or no knowledge are welcomed on these Torrens Park bird club trips. Special events and occasions sponsored jointly with other environmental or cultural groups are always called to the attention of our Torrens Park bird club members-supporters. The Torrens Park bird club membership consists of amateur and professional birders and is open to anyone interested in birds as a vital part of our natural heritage.

Torrens Park Bird Club
South Australian Waterfowl Club Inc.
08 8272 1780 Torrens Park

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Q & A

  • Why join our Torrens Park bird club?

    By joining the bird club of South Australian Waterfowl Club and attending its meetings, you will make new friends and learn more about birds and bird-related subjects from a wide variety of speakers from all over the Torrens Park. By participating in the field trips you will sharpen your birdwatching skills.

  • Do you have trips for birth watching?

    A special tradition of the Torrens Park bird club trips has been to encourage new birders, both young and old, to learn about birds and the pleasures of birding through active participation in seeking and identifying birds in various habitats, during all seasons of the year. A number of world-class trip leaders and ornithologists started birding with the South Australian Waterfowl Club in their childhood years.

  • Where are you located?

    The bird club of South Australian Waterfowl Club Inc. is located at 16 George St, Torrens Park SA 5062. We welcome all aspiring members to our club. You can also contact us at 08 8272 1780 for more information and details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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