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Tims Gardening

Tims Gardening

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ABN: 87 856 332 416

Seaford, Seaford, SA 5169

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Landscape Construction | Seaford Gardeners

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About Us

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Tims Gardening Services is a multi-award winning gardening service. Our Seaford team of gardeners are reliable, expert and skilled in delivering quality products. We bring a new level of enthusiasm and professionalism to the garden maintenance and landscaping industry. Tims Gardening gardeners deliver an excellent garden maintenance service to domestic and commercial clients in the Seaford.

Highly Experience Gardeners in Seaford

Tims Gardening is a team of professional landscape maintenance specialists and highly skilled gardeners in Seaford. Our hardworking gardeners specialise in wide range of garden maintenance solutions that are custom to your requirements. Here at Tims Gardening, we boast the quality of landscape and gardening services that we offer to our customers in Seaford, that's why they come back to us time after time. With years of experience in landscaping and gardening services, Tims Gardening has established a solid clientele with the quality of service that our dedicated gardeners offer.

Fully Licensed Gardeners in Seaford

Tims Gardening has been committed to providing high quality & professional gardening service to Seaford. Our well-trained Seaford gardeners and landscapers are servicing both residential and commercial markets. We set out to provide not only the best customer service but also the best lawn maintenance and gardening service in Seaford and surrounding area. Our reliable gardeners in Seaford only use the high-quality gardening supplies and are the best we can find at the best prices possible to suit your budget.

We also offer lawn and garden maintenance. Our reliable gardeners in Seaford ensure that your property will be beautifully maintained with the work being done professionally. We understand that a well-kept garden is important for businesses and homeowners alike. Our landscaping specialists and gardeners use good practices, that we can help you maintain a continuous lawn through effective methods like re-seeding. Our gardeners in Seaford will make your lawn thicker, we can fertilise and aerate your lawn which helps to encourage new seed to grow deep lawn roots.

Tims Gardening will also help you make the most of your garden in Seaford. Whether you are looking for plant supports, patio heaters or leaf blowers our gardeners are bound to find everything you need right here. If you are new to Seaford gardening our friendly gardeners will assist you in everything you need to get you started. From beginner Seaford gardening guides to plant labels, our gardeners will help you start your dream garden. Tims Gardening is proud of each gardener in our team who are friendly and approachable. Each gardener in Seaford boasts many years of experience and can offer expert advice as needed. With many years’ experience between them, they possess a broad base of skills, which enable them to accommodate even the most demanding gardener projects. Our skilled gardeners all take great pride in the quality of their work and are clean, tidy, friendly and professional. All landscapers and gardeners are used to working in domestic gardens and appreciate the level of trust invested in them by our clients Seaford.

Tims Gardening Seaford aim is to offer the best value, high quality quickly delivered lawn maintenance and gardening services throughout the Seaford, with customer service to match the best in the Industry. Yes, we're aiming high, but we think you'll find exceptional prices, backed up with friendly, helpful gardeners in Seaford with a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to assist.

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Tims Gardening
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Landscape Construction | Seaford Gardeners

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Balcony Gardens, Balinese Gardens, Contemporary Gardens, Cottage Gardens, Formal Gardens, Healing Gardens, Herb Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Meditation Gardens, Native Gardens, Ornamental Gardens, Productive Garden, Rock Gardens, Sacred Spaces, Seaside Gardens, Tropical Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, Water Gardens


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Servicing Suburbs


  • What is the general gardening services that you offer in Seaford?

    Tims Gardening is a team of well-trained gardeners in Seaford who offer a wide range of gardening services from digging, planting, weeding flower beds, pruning shrubs, treating plant's pests and much more.

  • Does Tims Gardening offer lawn maintenance?

    Absolutely, With years of experience, our fully qualified gardeners in Seaford can help you with any lawn maintenance solutions to suit your needs. No matter what type of garden you have, from Contemporary, Commercial to Formal gardens we are here to make them beautiful for you.

  • How to contact Tims Gardening?

    You can contact Tims Gardening at 00455 1405 or email us at for further information and questions. We assure you that a professional and friendly gardener will b assigned to assist you from start to the completion of your gardening project.

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