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Lawn Cutting & Garden Maintenance - Redwood Park, SA 5097

Redwood Park Professional Garden Maintenance Team

15 Ronald Road, Redwood Park, SA 5097

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Lawn Maintenance Redwood Park

Lawn Maintenance

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Lawn Cutting Services

Redwood Park Lawn Mowing Redwood Park

Redwood Park Lawn Mowing

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Redwood Park Lawn Cutting

With Metro Lawnmowing Redwood Park, lawn cutting, garden maintenance chores and grass cutting can be complete by the time you return home from work, giving you the evening to rest and enjoy your property, instead of tending to it. Redwood Park professional landscapers can complete your garden maintenance quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly on a consistent weekly schedule. Our Redwood Park team offer a wide range of garden maintenance skills and abilities that have further allowed the business to expand and develop in new areas.

Affordable Lawn Care

Metro Lawnmowing is driven to create a remarkable garden maintenance experience for our Redwood Park customers by owning what we do, having fun along the way, staying humble, and learning something new that we can share with the team every day. Metro Lawnmowing will provide a high standard for lawn care services and garden maintenance. Our Redwood Park gardeners make sure to keep all equipment safe, reliable, and provide a satisfying garden maintenance. No job is too big or small for our gardening professionals, all garden maintenance will be done as expected. We are determined to continue to bring state-of-the-art products to the marketplace to better meet consumers needs for a garden maintenance. Our Redwood Park polite and hard-working staff leave the property clean and perfect after every garden maintenance service.

Metro Lawnmowing Redwood Park are here to set the standard for professionalism in the lawn care garden maintenance and lawn mowing industry. We put our Redwood Park customers first and provide superior garden maintenance service when we show up to work in uniform. Metro Lawnmowing Redwood Park pride ourselves on providing beautiful landscapes and quality garden maintenance for all our Redwood Park clients that fit both their expectations and budget, while simultaneously providing attention to detail and the highest level of craftsmanship in every garden maintenance we service around Redwood Park. Communicating and listening to our Redwood Park client's, help us to produce beautiful yards that reflect the taste of the owner.

If you are looking for a garden maintenance call Metro Lawnmowing Redwood Park on 0412 424 372.

Redwood Park Garden Maintenance
Metro Lawnmowing
0412 424 372 Redwood Park

Redwood Park Lawn Mowing

Products and Services


Broad Acreage, Cylinder Mowing, Large Areas, Licensed Herbicide Applicator, Open Spaces, Small Areas


Advice, Aeration, Cuttings Removal, Dethatching, Edging, Fertilising, Garden Maintenance, Hedge Trimming, Hedging, Lawn Cutting, Lawn Trimming, Pruning, Renovation, Scarification, Seeding, Slashing, Spraying, Top Dressing, Trimming, Turf Growth Regulation, Turfing, Watering, Weed Control, Weeding

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American Express, Bpay, Cash, Cheques, Diners Club, Direct Debit, Direct Deposit, EFT, EFTPOS, Mastercard, Money Order, Visa

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Open Monday - Friday


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Servicing Suburbs


  • Do you offer free quotes for garden maintenance?

    Yes, Metro Lawnmowing Redwood Park offer free quotes. Please call 0412 424 372 for a free consultation for your garden maintenance.

  • Do you do commercial properties?

    Yes, Metro Lawnmowing Redwood Park do a commercial garden maintenance. Please phone for 0412 424 372 details.

  • Why should we fertilize?

    With Metro Lawnmowing Redwood Park, Fertilizing is a very big part of garden maintenance and for keeping your lawn green as well but the complicated part is what fertiliser that you use, as there are so many different types of fertilisers. You should take care and check the ingredients in the bag if there is a lot or high in nitrogen or sulphate this will simply make your lawn green quickly and for a short period as there is very little nutrients in the bag.

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