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Norwood Cycling Club Inc

Bicycle Clubs - Norwood, SA 5067

PO Box 3282, Norwood, SA 5067

  • awards Most Sought After Cycling Club Coaches Throughout Norwood
  • awards Oldest and Most Prestigious Cycling Club in Norwood
  • awards Largest Cycling Club Near Norwood
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  • Who we are

  • Servicing Suburbs

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Who we are

  • Home of Australian and International Champions

  • Very Friendly Staff and Members

  • Trusted Norwood Cycling Club

  • Cycling Club Near Norwood With Reliable and Highly Qualified Coaches

  • Established in 1883

Home of Australian and International Champions

Oldest and Most Prestigious Cycling Club in Norwood

Servicing Suburbs


  • When is the racing season?

    The criterium season runs from October until the end of March. This Norwood cycling club conducts races that vary from 25 minutes to 50 minutes. On the other hand, the road season runs from April until September. We also run time trials, hill climbs, and handicap events throughout the year.

  • Do you have a cycling club coach in Norwood?

    If you are just new to cycling and want to learn from one of the best coaches in the area, we got you covered. Our Norwood cycling club provides coaching programs to beginners for free.

  • How do we contact you?

    Find out more about what we can do for you when you check out our website today. We also have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. If you wish to speak with our friendly staff, just simply call Norwood Cycling Club directly on 0400 115 003.

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