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Cruising Yacht Club of S.A. Incorporated

Yacht Clubs - North Haven, SA 5018

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ABN: 63 536 595 624

Lady Gowrie Drv, North Haven, SA 5018

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North Haven Yacht Club Membership

Cruising Yacht Club of Incorporated provides the highest level of services to its Members in North Haven that a kind of yacht club should have. We aim to be prominent in all forms of yachting in our yacht clubs around South Australia including Racing, Cruising, and Fishing. With our North Haven yacht clubs, we are committed to the promotion of yachting as a worthy contributor to the community lifestyle.

CYCSA Fishing Association Fishing Trophy Awards

Cruising Yacht Club of Incorporated is the State’s premier yacht clubs and caters for over 1200 members with a diverse range of sporting and social interests. Located on the Le Fevre Peninsula at North Haven, the yacht clubs was incorporated in 1973. Just 5 minutes from Semaphore, 10 minutes from increasingly thriving Port Adelaide, and 15 minutes from West Lakes, the location of our yacht clubs is unreservedly convenient.

The Cruising Yacht Club of Incorporated covers approximately 36 hectares, which includes water and land from the inner breakwater to the North Haven harbour through to Lady Gowrie Drive. Our yacht clubs in North Haven is run on a day to day basis by a Chief Executive Officer and staff who are appointed by the Board of Management. The Board of our yacht clubs was elected annually, controls the yacht clubs finances, staff and assets and establishes policies and guidelines for the CEO. The Board of our yacht clubs appoints a President and Treasurer from within its own ranks.

Our North Haven yachts clubs offer membership category to suit all. These include Senior Member, Club Member, Racing Member, Intermediate Member and Youth Member. Only Senior Members are eligible to vote and own marina and hard standing berths. Members of our yacht clubs in North Haven are entitled to reciprocal privilege at many clubs across Australia and internationally.

Here in our North Haven yacht clubs, our membership offers a range of privileges, services, offers and benefits, and the chance to become involved in a variety of member interest groups, events and activities. Whether your interest is in racing, cruising, fishing, socialising or simply getting out of the water, the Cruising Yacht Club of Incorporated is a welcoming yacht clubs in North Haven with much to offer. The members of our yacht clubs in North Haven enjoy access to our many facilities and services at discounted rates.

Join the State’s premier yacht club now. Call us at (08) 8248 4222 and exciting benefits awaits you!

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Cruising Yacht Club of Incorporated
(08) 8248 4222 North Haven

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Servicing Suburbs

  • How to become a member of your yacht clubs in North Haven?

    To apply for membership of our yacht clubs in North Haven, please complete the Membership Application Form which can be downloaded from our website at and forward with your payment to: Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia PO Box 1020 NORTH HAVEN SA 5018

  • How many guests can you accommodate in your function rooms?

    Cruising Yacht Club of S.A. Incorporated's award-winning function venue is located along the pristine coastline of North Haven with extensive secure car parking and stunning indoor and outdoor facilities. We have spacious and well-appointed Horizons function room which can seat up to 200 guests for formal dining or 300 for a cocktail function.

  • How to contact you?

    Feel free to contact us through (08) 8248 4222 or email us for more information about the services in North Haven we offer and our friendly staff is ready to help you with a smile.

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