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Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning

Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning - Naracoorte, SA 5271

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ABN: 63 588 509 232
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About Us

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Naracoorte

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Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Naracoorte

Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning offers you a team of expert carpet cleaners in Naracoorte who can give you a professional carpet cleaning service to help keep your precious floor coverings clean. The company's professional carpet cleaners in Naracoorte specialise in cleaning commercial and domestic carpets as well as tiles, upholstery, curtains, rugs and mattresses.

Most Recommended Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Naracoorte

Professional Naracoorte Carpet Cleaners

Their carpet cleaning services are carried out by professional carpet cleaners in Naracoorte who are fully trained and very reliable. As professional carpet cleaners in Naracoorte, Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning understands the value of your carpet to your home or business. The company, therefore, believes in providing a thorough clean which also helps to protect your investment and ensure it looks and feels great! This is why Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning always strives to send you only highly-skilled carpet cleaners in Naracoorte to ensure that quality carpet cleaning is performed for every Naracoorte client.

Quality Services by Experienced Carpet Cleaners in Naracoorte

The Naracoorte carpet cleaners of Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning brings you quality and efficient carpet cleaning service that would surely leave you satisfied. Listed below is a quick list of carpet cleaning services their carpet cleaners in Naracoorte can offer. All the quality services of their Naracoorte carpet cleaners are being requested by clients over and over again!

• Commercial Carpet Cleaning
• Domestic Carpet Cleaning
• Steam & Dry Cleaning
• Upholstery & Leather Cleaning
• Commercial Carpet Cleaning
• High Rise Apartments
• Tile Grout Floor Cleaning Services
• Tile and Grout Cleaning

Hire Efficient Carpet Cleaners in Naracoorte Today

All carpet cleaners of Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning in Naracoorte understands that a good clean reduces the buildup of germs and bacteria and keeps your carpet looking brand new!

Know that your carpets and upholstery are in good hands because their Naracoorte carpet cleaners use only the safest cleaning products to give your carpet a gentle clean. If you hire their team of professional carpet cleaners in Naracoorte, you are guaranteed of fast, efficient service that takes care of all your home's carpet and upholstery.

For a free quote, call their carpet cleaners today at 0438 620 367!

Naracoorte Carpet Cleaners
Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning
0438 620 367 Naracoorte

Free Quote Naracoorte Carpet Cleaners

Products and Services


Dirt, Fungus, Mildew, Mould, Odours, Pets, Red Wine, Residue, Rodents, Toilet Overflow, Urine


Dry Cleaning, Dry Extraction, Steam Extraction, Water Extraction


Allergen Reduction, Browning, Carpet Protection, Decontamination, Deodorising, Dirt Removal, Disinfecting, Drying, Fabric Protection, Mould Remediation, Pre-conditioning, Stain Removal, Static Control


Acrylic, Fabric, Indian Cotton, Leather, Microsuede, Nylon, Polypropylene, Silk, Velvet, Vinyl, Wool


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Servicing Suburbs

  • How often should I hire professional Naracoorte carpet cleaners to clean my carpets?

    Carpet life is considerably extended when cleaned and maintained correctly by professional carpet cleaners in Naracoorte. Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning recommends vacuuming twice a week and get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

  • Do they move furniture in preparation for the cleaning?

    Yes, their carpet cleaners in Naracoorte would be more than happy to help with moving furniture when cleaning your carpet. However, it would be much convenient if you remove smaller objects such as plants, statues, dining chairs, lamps, toys and clothes before the cleaners arrive.

  • Do they offer free quotes?

    Yes, their Naracoorte carpet cleaners offer free quotes/estimates on site or by phone. Please check Todds Carpet Dry Cleaning's contact details and reach their friendly Naracoorte staff so they can provide you with the best possible quote for your carpet cleaning service.

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