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Hobie Cat Association of S.A

Yacht Clubs - Mitcham, SA 5062

A World Class Sailing and Yacht Club in Mitcham

ABN: 51 240 633 239

37 Birdwood St, Mitcham, SA 5062

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Who we are

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Mitcham Yacht Club

If you want to enjoy an exclusive yacht club in Mitcham, choose nothing else but Hobie Cat Association of SA! In our yacht club at Hobie Cat Association of SA, we offer world class and state-of-the-art yacht club facilities which all Mitcham yacht club members in Mitcham can enjoy.

Exciting Race and Cruise

Our yacht club in Mitcham is a community boating organisation which makes it perfect yacht club for every family in Mitcham!

One great benefit of being involved in our yacht club in Mitcham is that you can enjoy the great sport of yacht club sailing without the cost or expense of owning a boat. Professional instruction is also available at our yacht club in Mitcham Hobie Cat Association of SA for those wishing to learn the sport of yacht club sailing and cruising.

Boat usage in our Mitcham yacht club is available for very affordable rates. It simply means that you can try sailing in a world-class Mitcham yacht club, get professional instruction and enjoy the use of sailboats in our yacht club without having to buy an expensive boat!

Apart from sailing programs, our yacht club at Mitcham Hobie Cat Association of SA offers some fun social activities as well. Our yacht club in Mitcham also offers exciting daysailing, racing, and cruises. If you are a beginner in our yacht club in Mitcham, we have lectures from local and national sailors who can help you get the most of your experience here with us at Mitcham Hobie Cat Association of SA!

Be excited to get involved in a gorgeous yacht club in Mitcham! Our website lists Mitcham sailing organisations and activity schedules, plus how to get involved and start sailing.

Mitcham Yacht Club
Hobie Cat Association of
0429 043 045 Mitcham

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You Asked Us

  • How do I sign up for membership at your yacht club in Mitcham?

    You may visit our Mitcham yacht club website listed on this directory profile to learn more about our membership process and membership benefits.You may also call us at 0429 043 045 to enquire.

  • How do I get updated on the latest news and updates on your sailing schedules?

    To get the latest news and updates on your sailing schedules, you may visit our website listed on this directory profiles. Please also call us at 0429 043 045 and our friendly Mitcham yacht club staff would be happy to assist you.

  • Is your sailing program insured?

    Our Mitcham yacht club facility ensures that each member is provided with a Personal Accident Insurance. It is our goal that every yacht club member enjoys an exciting, yet safe and secure sailing and cruising activities in our club.

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