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Largs Bay Sailing Club Incorporated

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Foreshore, Largs Bay, SA 5016

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Highly Recommended Yacht Clubs in Largs Bay

The Largs Bay sailing Club was founded in 1926 as the "Largs Bay Dinghy Club" and it was renamed as the "Largs Bay Sailing Club" in 1948. This is the Largs Bay yacht clubs that will provide you tutorials on dinghies and teach you how to sail properly. Aside from that, you will also enjoy immensely in this Largs Bay yacht clubs because they also have regattas and other competitions that you can join. For those who love keel boats will love this Largs Bay yacht clubs as it features the use of classic folk boats, sports boat and other large racing boats.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With their yacht clubs in Largs Bay, you can enjoy a family friendly yacht clubs in Largs Bay that may be small in size but heavy on the beautiful scenery. There is often a race sponsored by the Largs Bay yacht clubs on the weekends and chosen weekdays. The team of Largs Bay yacht clubs makes sure that when you are sailing you get interesting winds and a condition that can challenge your skills in riding.

For those who are joining family and friends but scared of the water, you also have other options to enjoy yourself here in the home of the best Largs Bay yacht clubs. They have an awesome Restaurant that boasts of awesome and delicious dishes – surely a great find in a yacht clubs in Largs Bay! If you have had enough food, you can walk a bit and find yourself in the Club Bar where you can have a few drinks and watch shows.

Also, once the food is ready these special Largs Bay yacht clubs have a lounge area that is fully furnished and also provides the club member with a view like no other. To those who want to chill and drink, our Largs Bay yacht clubs also have a mini bar where you can stay after sailing. If you need a quick change of bath, these Largs Bay yacht clubs have changing room that provides hot showers as well. Call today to know more!

Our Largs Bay yacht clubs boast of many events throughout the year – even events for kids! You can bring your entire family and enjoy the amenities offered by our Largs Bay yacht clubs all year round – a vacation like no other!

Largs Bay Yacht Clubs
Largs Bay Sailing Club Incorporated
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  • Why should we join your Largs Bay yacht club?

    We only want you to enjoy the best things in life! Our yacht clubs in Largs Bay can provide you with a great avenue to both relax as well as to gain more skills and friends. Most yacht clubs are similar, it's true – however, it is only this team of yacht clubs provide tutorials for disabled people! We want to ensure everyone enjoys the perks and awesomeness of sailing!

  • What sets you apart from the other Largs Bay yacht clubs?

    Our number one customer service and long years of cruising excellence is what keeps us on top of our game! Our Largs Bay yacht clubs are active in events all year round to keep each member happy as well as providing everybody a good time without having to ask so much in return!

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact our Largs Bay yacht clubs at 08 8449 9874 for more information about our services and amenities. Be a part of the best yacht clubs in Largs Bay today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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