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Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club Inc

Yacht Clubs - Goolwa, SA 5214

Your Passionate Yacht Club in Goolwa

ABN: 71 730 056 594

Barrage Rd, Goolwa, SA 5214

  • awards Accredited Level 3 Good Sports Yacht Club
  • awards Best Goolwa Yacht Club
  • awards State of the Art Goolwa Yacht Club
  • awards Over 150 years in the Industry
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Berths for Lease Or Rent

The best experience in yachting can be found in our Goolwa yacht club, Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club Inc. Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club Inc is believed to be the oldest yacht club found in Goolwa, but our Goolwa yacht club still keeps the interest burning for passionate Goolwa sailors out there looking to practise their sailing skills for recreation, travelling, or racing. That is why we host regular Goolwa yachting events here in our Goolwa yacht club that is joined by many local and visiting sailors alike.

Best Goolwa Yacht Club

Located in the histroric river-port of Goolwa, our Goolwa yacht club offers you the best place for your sailing needs. Traditional wooden riverboats, power boats, trailer-sailers or other lifting-keel yachts are very welcome in our Goolwa yacht club. Our Goolwa yacht club’s marina currently accommodates 106 boats with a 12 metre maximum length. Competitively priced berths in our Goolwa yacht club may also be leased or rented. If you wish to keep your vessel near the Goolwa channel, then our Goolwa yacht club is perfect for you.

We have modern clubhouse facilities in our Goolwa yacht club. We have a boat ramp excellent for launching or retrieving two vessels simultaneously all throughout the year. Our dining room can seat and cater for up to 90 guests at a time. A function room can be set up to accommodate over 200 guests for any event. On Friday nights, our Goolwa yacht club offers delicious meals in our Bistro and we invite you to come try our meals.

At Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club Inc, we build camarederie between our Goolwa yacht club’s members and visitors.
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Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club Inc
08 8555 2617 Goolwa

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Can we rent the function room in your Goolwa yacht club?

    You definitely can. Our Goolwa yacht club offers arrangements for the function room, catering, and bar facilities for your next event. Please enquire with the club manager to book your next event with us.

  • Do visitors have a pen for their vessel?

    Our Goolwa yacht club reserves twelve (12) pens for use by visiting boats. Upon your arrival, please contact the club manager or one of the members of the Committee for advice.

  • Can I join your yacht club and be a member?

    Yes, you definitely can and we encourage you to do so. However, our Goolwa yacht club has a limited number of slots for its members due to some regulations, so membership is awarded in order of the receipt of applications.

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