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Woodville District Baseball Club

Woodville District Baseball Club

Baseball Clubs - Findon, SA 5023

ABN: 26 020 012 444

Drummond Ave, Findon, SA 5023

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Top Listed Baseball Club Findon

Top Listed Baseball Club

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Excellent Baseball Club Findon Baseball Club Findon

Excellent Baseball Club Findon Baseball Club

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About Us

  • Findon Baseball Club with Lifetime Membership

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Findon Baseball Club with Lifetime Membership

Excellent Baseball Club Findon Baseball Club

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you offer women's baseball league?

    Here at Woodville District Baseball Club of Findon, we offer women's baseball league in our baseball club. We have an improved method and facilities for the tournament with the expressed intent of improving the players' performance skills.

  • What are the benefits to be part of your baseball club in Findon?

    All members are automatically granted full access to our baseball club in Findon which include unlimited, no cost use of the building when available. Members are encouraged to use the building to improve their skills during their free time, at no additional charge. Private lessons are available at an additional cost.

  • What are the benefits to my child to participate in the Junior training?

    Our baseball club in Findon provides quality coaches and instructors, plus an indoor facility to allow our talented athletes the opportunity to quicken the development of their baseball skills and performance.

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