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Rubbish Removals & Waste Removals - Elizabeth South, SA 4211

Your Reliable Rubbish Removals in Elizabeth South

Elizabeth South, Elizabeth South, SA 4211

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Rubbish Removals in Elizabeth South

If you need backyard cleaning and rubbish removal in Elizabeth South, then Backyard Barbers is the right one to call now!

Certified Elizabeth South Waste Removal Specialist

Backyard Barbers Elizabeth South is your excellent waste removal specialist that will make your backyard look fresh and clean. We know that having a messy and dirty backyard can be really stressful, and may take several days to fix and bring back to its excellent condition. That is why Backyard Barbers Elizabeth South is here to be your waste removal service provider.

Backyard Barbers Elizabeth South specialise in different kinds of rubbish removals to give your backyard a good new look. We have waste removal specialists who are trained to deal with different kinds of waste and how to properly segregate, recycle and keep them. Our rubbish removal experts in Elizabeth South understand that each kind of waste should be treated differently and not mixed all together for safety and environmental protection.

Here at Backyard Barbers Elizabeth South, we give importance to giving a cleaner backyard to all our Elizabeth South clients because we value your overall health and satisfaction. We cater to all Elizabeth South clients asking for waste removals. We give the following services in Elizabeth South:

- Commercial Rubbish Removal
- Residential Waste Removal
- Municipal Cleaning
- School Yard Cleaning
- And many more!

Our rubbish removal experts in Elizabeth South are experienced in handling dangerous waste that may be obtained from your backyard. We understand that some waste can be complicated for our Elizabeth South clients to handle on their own so we are here to help.

Our waste removal specialists Elizabeth South will get the job done faster than anyone and you can get that backyard ready for redesigning and gardening again. We understand that working on normal hours can be stressful for you since you want to see how we work. We have nice waste removal staff who are flexible enoguh to accept services outside normal hours and upon appointments.

We provide the best Elizabeth South prices for rubbish removal in the fastest time possible. We will make waste removal appear easier and more enjoying for our Elizabeth South. We are happy to do our job and make your backyard clean again.


Elizabeth South Rubbish Removals
Backyard Barbers
0475 418 137 Elizabeth South

Call Now | Elizabeth South Rubbish Removals

Products and Services

Rubbish Item

Aluminium, Asphalt, Bales, Bricks, Cardboard, Chemicals, Compost, Concrete, Fences, Furniture, General Rubbish, Liquid, Loose Rubbish, Mulches, Paper, Roof Tiles, Rubbish Bags, Rubble, Scrap Metal, Sheds, Soil, Timber, Trees


Commercial, Domestic, Municipal


Asbestos, Builders Waste, Bulk Waste, Construction Waste, Contamined Material, Deceased Estates, Demolitions, Excavations, Garden, Grease Trap Waste, Green, Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste, Pre-Sale Properties, Renovations, Solid Waste, Storm Damage Clean Ups, Tight Access, Underhouse, Whitegoods


Bin Hire, Hands-on Collection, Maintenance, Rubbish Recycling


Servicing Suburbs


  • Do you cater to commercial backyard waste removal?

    Yes! We also accept appointments and requests for commercial backyard waste removal in Elizabeth South. We know that some waste needs special treatment and may need expert hands to treat them.

  • Can you help remove garden waste, bricks and soil?

    Yes! We have an excellent rubbish removal team who can handle all kinds of waste in your Elizabeth South backyard. We can help remove garden waste, bricks, rocks, and soil, and other kinds of waste.

  • How much do you charge for your services?

    We are known as excellent waste removal experts in Elizabeth South. Given our excellent services, we promise the best competitive prices for our services. We aim to get the job done the fastest that we could so you can enjoy that backyard again.

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