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Beauty Plus Cleaning Service

Beauty Plus Cleaning Service

Industrial & Commercial Cleaners - Cannington, SA 6107

Cannington's Only Cleaning Service Provider which is Beauty plus Action

ABN: 68 363 527 018
  • awards 10 Years Professional Experiences in the Cleaning Industry
  • awards Certified Cannington Cleaning Service Provided
  • awards Fully-Trained and Insured Cleaning Service Staff in Cannington
  • awards Top Quality Cleaning Service Provider in Cannington
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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On site Rubbish Removal Cannington Industrial and Commercial Cleaners Cannington

On site Rubbish Removal Cannington Industrial and Commercial Cleaners

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About Us

  • Offers Commercial Cleaning Services in Cannington

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Service

  • Cannington Glass and Carpet Cleaning Service

  • On-site Rubbish Removal

  • Expert Domestic and House Cleaning

Offers Commercial Cleaning Services in Cannington

Beauty Plus Cleaning Service has served Cannington for over 10 years as a major commercial cleaning contractor. We have provided both professional commercial and industrial cleaning services in Cannington centred on maintaining high standards of quality. We are currently Cannington's top commercial cleaning service provider. We consider ourselves as a one-stop shop commercial cleaning service company in Cannington. 

Certified Cannington Cleaning Service Provided

As a commercial cleaning provider in Cannington, we are deeply committed to providing top-notch quality service to our clients. The number of years we are in service in the cleaning industry in Cannington as commercial cleaners has proved our point across which is as clear as glass and as pristine as new marble floors. If you are looking for a committed and dedicated commercial cleaning company within Cannington then we have you covered. 

We can assure you that our cleaners have been trained and certified according to commercial cleaning standards in Cannington. Each of our cleaners is also insured with more than 100 hours of training so you can rest assured that we only provide quality commercial cleaning service within Cannington and nothing else. In addition, our services can be tailored depending on your commercial cleaning needs which will be happily addressed by our Cannington cleaning service professionals. 

With over a decade of excellence and commitment in the cleaning service industry of Cannington. You know you are in the safest hands when it comes to commercial cleaning in Cannington. If you would like to know more about our comprehensive lists of services we offer please don't hesitate to contact our commercial cleaning office at Cannington. 

Beauty Plus Cleaning Service is Cannington's best commercial cleaning service provider and we know you only want the best. So contact us now and tell our Cannington cleaning service staff how we can help keep your workplace clean, safe, and beautiful for your employee and guest. We also offer a range of domestic and house cleaning services in Cannington.

Cannington Industrial & Commercial Cleaners
Beauty Plus Cleaning Service
0404 206 448 Cannington

On site Rubbish Removal Cannington Industrial and Commercial Cleaners

Products and Services


Environment Friendly, Bathroom Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Dusting, Glass Door Cleaning, Rubbish Removal, Toilet Cleaning, Vacuuming


Apartments, Buildings, Businesses Premises, Function Centres, Government Buildings, Offices, Office Buildings


Bathrooms, Ceilings, Computer Rooms, Floors, Kitchens, Office Suites


Bond Cleaning, Clean-ups, Deodorising, Dust Removal, Floor Scrubbing, Rubbish Removal, Sanitising, Waste Disposal, Office Maintenance


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Servicing Suburbs

  • What cleaning services do you offer to Cannington clients?

    The cleaning services we provide our Cannington clients include but is not limited to dusting, mopping, vacuuming, glass door cleaning, toilet and bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, rubbish removal, and certain maintenance work. For full details regarding how we can help you with your cleaning concerns please contact us and get in touch with one of our support staff.

  • Do you provide a free quote for your Cannington customers?

    Yes, we provide our cleaning service customers in Cannington access to free and no obligation quotes as we value transparency with regards to the services we provide to our clients.  

  • How do I customize the type of cleaning service I want done?

    The process is very simple, you just need to get in touch with one of our support specialist using our phone number and then discuss the type of cleaning service you want to be done. Additionally, please make sure you discuss the specifics of the work and be descriptive as possible so that our staff will be able to provide you with the adequate cleaning service suggestions for your Cannington establishment.

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