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Dean Drv, Barmera, SA 5345

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About Us

  • 100% Environment friendly Barmera yacht clubs

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100% Environment friendly Barmera yacht clubs

Wishing to have fun and enjoyment at the best Yacht Clubs in Barmera? Search no further because Lake Bonney Yacht Club Inc is the king of all Yacht Clubs in Barmera. You don’t need to ask why because it simply is one of the longest and strongest Yacht Clubs in Barmera. This large Barmera Yacht Clubs is home to a large club that is also being offered as a function hall for any activities like weddings or birthdays. It’s also a perfect Yacht Clubs in Barmera because it has a large floor space that is perfect for socialising when all the members are in.

Most Trusted Yacht Clubs in Barmera

For those who have tagged along to watch family members sail can also enjoy other amenities in the Yacht Clubs in Barmera like the bar and the huge commercial kitchen where they can lounge, drink and eat at their enjoyment. For those who like taking pictures, they will like the offering of Barmera Yacht Clubs large balcony as well as a breathtaking lake view that is awesome during sunsets. You can definitely make this Barmera Yacht Clubs the place to spend summer stays in.

The Barmera Yacht Clubs have large rigging areas that are convenient for the sailors as well as provide direct water access to the members. They also have a big boat ramp in the Barmera Yacht Clubs to help service the growing members. When race days arrive in the Barmera Yacht Clubs expect the canteen and bar to provide an extra pinch on their already awesome service. Don’t worry about your wet clothes because Barmera Yacht Clubs is already one step ahead of you by adding washing machines, hot baths and dryers to the place.

You will definitely enjoy this Barmera Yacht Clubs because they have many events all year round, perfect for sailors who are new to the game as well as to those who want to continue their craft. If you want to have a fun summer, then this is the Barmera Yacht Clubs for you! Call the best Yacht Clubs in Barmera today and learn more!

Barmera Yacht Clubs
Lake Bonney Yacht Club Inc
(08) 8588 1285 Barmera

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Servicing Suburbs

  • What facilities do you have in the Barmera Yacht Clubs?

    We want to provide our member in the Barmera Yacht Clubs with the best amenities to ensure that they fully enjoy their time spent here. A big club, changing rooms and the kitchen and much more will be provided!

  • How can we contact you?

    You can call us at (08) 8588 1285 where our team of Barmera Yacht Clubs is ready to answer any questions or sign you up for a membership. We are growing every year and we want you to come and join us in the fun!

  • What do I need to register?

    For specific details, you can call us. However, for starters, our Barmera Yacht Clubs need people who genuinely want to sail and socialise. You can be of any age – we don’t discriminate!

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