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H'Linna Fashion Design

H'Linna Fashion Design

Dressmakers - Adelaide, SA 5000

H'Linna Fashion Design Dressmakers in Adelaide: The perfect garment for you!

Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA 5000

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Clothing Alterations Adelaide

Clothing Alterations

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Custom Made Designs

Complete Dress Making | Dressmakers Adelaide Adelaide

Complete Dress Making | Dressmakers Adelaide

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Reliable and Stylish Solutions

At H'Linna Fashion Design Adelaide, our expert dressmakers have been delivering professional designs and dressmaking services to our clients. Our dressmakers in Adelaide check every detail to provide you the same quality service & excellence every time you get our service. Visit us today and together let us find the perfect fit for you. Let our highly experienced and qualified dressmakers in Adelaide hand craft you a bespoke garment that compliments your figure, and reflects your style and personality.

Unique designs and fashionable outfits

Our highly experienced, fully qualified dressmakers in Adelaide will work on your bespoke garment for as long as it required to create a piece that expresses who you are and makes you look and feel your best. Our dressmakers in Adelaide are highly regarded because of the quality of work we perform, excellent customer service we provide and reasonable prices we charge. This makes our dressmakers in Adelaide the number one choice for dressmaking services.

Made on our premises, our dressmakers in Adelaide used only the finest materials and craftsmanship, each garment is developed with your input, allowing a creative collaboration throughout the entire process. Our highly talented and experienced team of dressmakers in Adelaide are recognized for creating bespoke outfits from sophisticated tailored work attires to extravagant evening wear

Our seasoned and experienced Adelaide dressmakers are some of the best in Adelaide. We can design and customized a dress for you no matter where the idea is from. May it be from a magazine, a photo or even a picture within your mind, visit us now and we will bring you a design that brings the best value for your money. Our dressmakers in Adelaide services are not limited to dresses. Our dressmakers in Adelaide can work with blouses, Cocktail dresses, Formal Gowns, Skits, Outerwear, Uniforms, Jeans, and more. Our dressmakers in Adelaide offer you a friendly and personal service, second to none, focusing on you as soon as you enter our store. Seeking for the perfect fit or wanting to customize your newly purchased clothing? H'Linna Fashion Design Adelaide dressmakers are the answer to your needs. We provide the best clothing alteration with a guarantee of the highest dressmaking standard from our dressmakers in Adelaide.

Adelaide Dressmakers
H'Linna Fashion Design
08 8212 7178 Adelaide

Complete Dress Making | Dressmakers Adelaide

Products and Services


Alterations, Design, Made to Order, Repairs


Cocktail Dresses, Costumes, Debutante Gowns, Formal Wear, Street Wear, Suits, Uniforms, Wedding Gowns



Corporate Events


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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you customize dresses?

    Yes, H'Linna Fashion Design is one of the few dressmakers shops in Adelaide that offers customization of dresses at a reasonable price. May it is a simple alteration or a sophisticated revamp, we are here to serve you best.

  • Can your dressmakers in Adelaide alter Men's suits?

    Our dressmakers in Adelaide offer alteration services to cover all sorts of garments and clothing. Contact us today and we'll let you know if we can handle your request. In most cases, we would surely be.

  • Can you re-make dresses in the same style I have?

    Most certainly, H'Linna Fashion Design Adelaide dressmakers provides dressmaking services such as altering, remaking and refining any article of clothing may it be old or brand new.

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