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Empire Pool Lounge

Snooker Clubs - Adelaide, SA 5000

ABN: 12 093 875 239

20 Rose St, Adelaide, SA 5000

  • awards Admirable Pool and Billiard Hall
  • awards Registered Snooker Club in Adelaide
  • awards Accommodating Bar Staff
  • awards Action-Packed Adelaide Snooker Club Activities
  • awards Modern Snooker Club Facilities and Amenities in Adelaide
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About Us

  • Challenging Snooker Club Leagues and Tournaments in Adelaide

  • Fantastic Venue for Parties and Special Events

  • Fun-Filled Poker Night Every Thursday

  • Superb Friday Night Happy Hour

  • Impressive Snooker Club Social Games Around Adelaide

  • Honored Empire Pool Lounge VIP Club

Challenging Snooker Club Leagues and Tournaments in Adelaide

Registered Snooker Club in Adelaide



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Servicing Suburbs

Q & A

  • Does your snooker club offers party packages for Adelaide customers?

    Yes, Empire Pool Lounges has an affordable selection of party packages. Our striking mezzanine, private bar and modern facilities make a great value for your money. Our snooker club package for Adelaide parties and events starts at S150 for a 4-hour event. Please visit or call us for more details.

  • What time does your snooker club opens?

    Our snooker club here in Adelaide opens at 1 pm until wee hours of the morning. Plus, Empire Pool and Lounge operates daily. Whenever you want to unwind and have fun, visit Empire Pool Lounge.

  • How can one join the Empire Pool Lounge VIP Club?

    We take pride in our superb Empire Pool Lounge VIP Club. Becoming a VIP Club member means getting updates on our latest news, upcoming snooker club events and social games around Adelaide. For more details, call us at 08 8231 1615.

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