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48 Aurora Drv, Thuringowa Central, QLD 4817

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Bird Watching

The Thuringowa Central bird club of Thuringowa Bird Club Inc is a local organisation for birders and ornithologists interested in the birds of the area of Thuringowa Central. Thuringowa Bird Club Inc has been helping to conserve the birds of the Thuringowa Central for years. In line with the other regional bird clubs in Thuringowa Central and surrounding areas, Thuringowa Bird Club Inc is proud to publish our own code of practice. We hope that all Thuringowa Central bird club members will adopt this when in the field or off the field. Thuringowa Bird Club Inc is for all people, who want to learn more about birds in their natural environment and who are interested in their conservation and protection. This is a friendly and informal Thuringowa Central bird club which welcomes young and old who wish to share their appreciation, understanding and knowledge of birds.

Thuringowa Bird Club Inc provide venues for all members to experience and enjoy bird watching on a without prejudice basis. Our bird club in Thuringowa Central teaches values such as respect for the birds, animals, plants and people in whose environment we watch birds. The bird club of Thuringowa Bird Club Inc. produce leaders capable of imparting the enjoyment of birdwatching and bird preservation and its intricacies to new Thuringowa Central bird club members and interested parties alike to constantly update and improve our Thuringowa Central bird club's standing in the ornithological community.

In our Thuringowa Central bird club, we provide a supporting environment in which its members can communicate and learn from each other, our activities and resources. Thuringowa Bird Club Inc aims to provide a venue for visiting foreign birdwatchers to access information and birdwatching in the Thuringowa Central and in turn, receive and collate the results of those trips. Our Thuringowa Central bird club assists members or aspiring members in any way possible with other local organizations with regard to recording and sharing information, disseminating information and assisting in relevant events that we feel capable of. Thuringowa Bird Club Inc conduct activities in which the General Public will be able to be exposed to birdwatching and bird protection.

Thuringowa Central Bird Club
Thuringowa Bird Club Inc
07 4778 7007 Thuringowa Central

Friendly and Accommodating Staff

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  • Why choose Thuringowa Central Bird Club Inc?

    We aspire to be a leading bird club in Thuringowa Central and have a strong and growing membership. We cater for a variety of interest and conservation-minded and active in conservation initiatives. We support academic research and our members are informative and communicate well.

  • What is your goal as a bird club in Thuringowa Central?

    We are a bird club in Thuringowa Central that will endeavor to be the primary resource for information and records of birdwatchers in a fair, non-profit way. We will work to improve the bird club's facilities and resources to be able to increase awareness of birdwatching and protection of birds in the Thuringowa Central and the benefits of membership of the club.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Thuringowa Bird Club Inc at 07 4778 7007 for more information and details about our bird club in Thuringowa Central. You can also visit us at 48 Aurora Drv, Thuringowa Central QLD 4817. Our prompt and friendly staff are more than happy to assist you with your concerns or questions about our bird club. We look forward to hearing from you.

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