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Matchroom Snooker Centre

Snooker Clubs - Sunnybank, QLD 4109

The Only Sunnybank Snooker Club which is Open 365 Days a Year

Cnr Mains Rd & Sunny Park Shopping Centre McCullought St

  • awards Customer-Friendly and Customer-Oriented
  • awards Best Well-Maintained Sunnybank Snooker Club
  • awards Venue for Local Snooker Tournaments
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About Us

  • Sunnybank Best Snooker Club for Groups

  • Customer Service Focused Sunnybank Snooker Club

  • Host Local Tournaments

  • Refreshments Available On-site

  • Sells Cues and Accessories

  • Open till 12 PM

Sunnybank Best Snooker Club for Groups

Matchroom Snooker Centre is the most visited snooker club in Sunnybank who service the entire area as a dedicated snooker club in Sunnybank. Matchroom Snooker Centre is one of the few snooker clubs in Sunnybank which only lets you pay for the time you play without any minimum time limit applied. In addition, it is also the only snooker club in Sunnybank which is open late till 12 PM, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you want to enjoy playing pool for a family night out or just chilling with your friends then our Sunnybank snooker club offers the perfect ambience for you to have a good time.    

Best Well-Maintained Sunnybank Snooker Club

The management team of Matchroom Snooker Centre snooker club in Sunnybank are also very attentive when it comes to club amenities and facilities. Our Sunnybank snooker club is open to the public with the option to become members available. By becoming a dedicated member our snooker club in Sunnybank you'll receive a 20% discount on the time on table hire.  In addition our usual Sunnybank snooker club membership, we also provide a 10% discount to all student group members of our snooker club in Sunnybank.

Additionally, Matchroom Snooker Centre offers our Sunnybank snooker club clients refreshments available for intense games so your mouth will not be left dry. In addition, our snooker club in Sunnybank also has pool cues and accessories available for sale if you want a memorable memorabilia or for your own pool table at home. We have pool accessories such as cue cases which come in 3/4 & Full-Size variants with varying designs, colours, and prices for our Sunnybank snooker club customers. 

If you want to learn more about Matchroom Snooker Centre snooker club in Sunnybank, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated Sunnybank snooker club staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and inquiries.

Sunnybank Snooker Club
Matchroom Snooker Centre
(07) 3216 9977 Sunnybank

Customer Friendly Sunnybank Snooker Clubs

Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you offer discounts or special rates to your a1010a snooker club customers?

    Yes, in fact, we actually offer two special rates for our very special Sunnybank snooker club customers. These are the member discount and student discounts rates. When you become a member you'll receive a 20% discount on your pool hiring rate which allows you more time to play. In addition, since Matchroom Snooker Centre became a sponsor for various student groups we also provide the members of those groups with a 10% discount.

  • How does the discount work for Sunnybank snooker club customers?

    If you are a member of our Sunnybank snooker club you'll simply need to present your card and sign in at our front desk for our staff to validate your membership and you can then enjoy the 20% discount. The same process also applies to our student group members once they present their membership card to our staff.

  • Does your Sunnybank snooker club host tournaments?

    Yes, in fact, we have been a venue for several successful tournaments in the past. If you wish to learn more about tournament dates and schedules you can simply contact us and check if there are any tournaments booked. Additionally, if you want to host a tournament you can also contact our Sunnybank snooker club so we can discuss the details, our friendly support staff will make sure to assist you in the processes involved.

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