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Centenary Memorial Gardens

Cemeteries & Crematoriums - Sumner, QLD 4074

The Most Serene Cemeteries & Crematoriums in Sumner

ABN: 44 079 650 589

353 Wacol Station Road, Sumner, QLD 4074

  • awards Long History of Being in the Industry Dating Back 149 years
  • awards Established Current Cemeteries & Crematoriums in Sumner in 2001
  • awards Boasts 17 Gardens and Areas in 40 Acres of Lush Land
  • awards The Best Among the Cemeteries & Crematoriums in Sumner
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About Us

  • Indoor and Outdoor Chapels for Cemeteries and Crematoriums in Sumner

  • Refreshment Lounge Available after a Funeral Service

  • Free No Obligation Tour of our Sumner Cemeteries and Crematoriums

Indoor and Outdoor Chapels for Cemeteries and Crematoriums in Sumner

Centenary Memorial Gardens offers Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums. Our cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner were established in 2001. However, our history dates back to 149 years. We boast 40 acres of land on the outskirts of Brisbane. Our business hours are from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. However, family and friends are welcome to visit anytime because our grounds are open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week.

Established Current Cemeteries & Crematoriums in Sumner in 2001

Some people choose to be buried, while some choose to be cremated. Since we are among the top Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums, we provide services for both. We have a cremation facility for those who wish to avail of the service. On top of that, we have the Banjo Patterson Columbarium in the premises of our cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner. Whether your loved one will be buried or cremated, our cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner are prepared to be your dearly departed's final resting place.

Our service as one of the top cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner does not end with the funeral service. In our premises, we have a refreshment lounge with enough space for family and friends to have a reception after the funeral service. We can also provide a caterer that can serve a variety of sandwiches, cakes, fruit platter and some hot finger food. The drinks that our caterers can serve are coffee, tea, and fruit juice. Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums are not licensed to sell alcohol. Our Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums hope to provide all comforts and conveniences to help you celebrate and honour the life of your deceased loved one.

Saying goodbye to our loved one is the hardest thing to do. Our cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner have various areas suitable for your departed loved one. We have different gardens in our premises that you can choose from to memorialise your loved one. We have what we call The Secret Garden, Garden of Reflection, Forest of Angels, Monumental Garden, and many more. Each area has its own unique character. For those who are gone too soon, our Gumnut Garden is a space specifically for the memory of beloved children. Memorial plaques are available should you wish to memorialise your loved one in one of our gardens.

The premises of our Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums also have several memorial lawns to choose from. All the areas of our cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner are built with culture and faith in mind. We know that people lead different lives and uphold different cultures and religions. Our staff is religiously and culturally sensitive. We put this sensitivity in practice in our daily operations and reflect in our premises.

Our Garden Chapel is one of the most booked areas among the cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner. It is an outdoor chapel that aims to add peace and serenity to your funeral service. The chapel is located near other beautiful gardens in our premises just in case you may need a peaceful walk or some quiet time before or after the service. We believe that providing beautiful and serene Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums can help start the healing of the bereaved family.

Our Federation Chapel is an intimate, air-conditioned venue where family and friends can have a solemn funeral service. This chapel is also perfect for those who are concerned with weather conditions. Those who will book other outdoor chapels and gardens in our Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums will get a complimentary booking in our Federation Chapel just in case weather conditions turn for the worse. This chapel is equipped with technologies such as a large LED screen, CD and DVD players, sound system and public address system. These pieces of equipment could assist you in remembering your dearly departed.

For those who would like to be prudent and plan ahead, we can offer funeral pre-arrangement. We are also able to provide burial plots and columbarium spaces for pre-purchasing. Planning for the inevitable is a wise move. Our consultants and directors at our cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner could assist and advise you in preparing for what lies ahead.

Sumner Cemeteries & Crematoriums
Centenary Memorial Gardens
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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you host or organize memorials?

    Yes, we host memorials for all souls who peacefully rest in our Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums. Throughout the year, we organize events and invite family and friends to once again remember and celebrate the life of their dearly departed.

  • Why are you the best among the cemeteries & crematoriums in Sumner?

    We have 40 acres of land with lush and abundant nature and wildlife. We boast 17 different gardens areas that could best fit the wishes of the departed and their families. Our grounds are well-maintained. These are what make us the best among the Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums.

  • Can we visit our family and friends anytime?

    Our Sumner cemeteries & crematoriums are open from sun up to sun down so you can visit your family or friend at your most convenient time. Our office is only open from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

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