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Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Ltd

Yacht Clubs - Shorncliffe, QLD 4017

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Family Oriented Services

Want to enjoy other amenities aside from sailing? Then you are in the right Yacht Club in Shorncliffe! Shorncliffe Queensland Cruising Yacht Club has excellent facilities like a bar, complete kitchen as well as change rooms. Queensland Cruising Yacht Club also offers one of the best views you will find in the area of Shorncliffe – something you will enjoy if you like taking pictures. The Shorncliffe yacht club of Queensland Cruising Yacht Club has a lot of activities offered and is a perfect place to spend your weekends, offs and boring days. You will enjoy our Shorncliffe yacht club by sailing, canoeing, water skiing or just relax with its cosy and relaxing sea ambience. Queensland Cruising Yacht Club in a2002a offers mouth-watering, locally produced menus and wines provided by restaurants and cafes.

The Shorncliffe yacht club of Queensland Cruising Yacht Club has a proud history of association in sailing, from kids, through families enjoying the delights of relaxing on our recreational facilities, to our Shorncliffe members who constantly visit Shorncliffe yacht club. Queensland Cruising Yacht Club in Shorncliffe currently includes various services, facilities and staff, and our Shorncliffe members can enjoy friendly competition, both within their friends and against members of the Shorncliffe yacht club.

All new members of our Shorncliffe yacht club are made to feel right at home. If you are new to the sport, you will have discounts on all our Shorncliffe yacht club training courses. Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Ltd, we encourage experienced sailors to get involved in our racing program. This is a great way for new members of our Shorncliffe yacht clubs to learn more about us, get a feel for the place and our friendly vibe.

Shorncliffe Yacht Club
Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Ltd
07 3269 8613 Shorncliffe

Licensed Shorncliffe Yacht Club

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Why should I join your Shorncliffe yacht club?

    Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Ltd provide world class services to our Shorncliffe members. Our Shorncliffe yacht club owns a variety of boats suitable for training purposes and trainees who are starting or even for advanced users. Queensland Cruising Yacht Club members are urged to use these boats both in training and during weekend sailing.

  • How competitive are your staff?

    We have the best people for the job. Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Ltd staff in Shorncliffe are passionate in helping and assisting our members to make sure they are able to maximise our yacht club facilities and events.

  • How to contact you?

    You can visit Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Ltd at Shorncliffe, QLD 4017 or contact us directly at 07 3269 8613 for more information and details about our services and amenities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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