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Chris's Aussie Lawn Mowing Service

Chris's Aussie Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn Cutting & Garden Maintenance - Rochedale South, QLD 4123

The Rochedale South Lawn Mowing Service Handling All Your Garden Needs

ABN: 68 850 824 886

Rochedale South QLD 4123, Rochedale South, QLD 4123

  • awards Rochedale South Registered Lawn Mowing Business
  • awards ABN Licensed and Registered Lawn Cutting Service
  • awards Rochedale South Accredited Garden Maintenance Service
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Garden Maintenance Rochedale South

Garden Maintenance

Handyman Work Rochedale South

Handyman Work

Lawn Mowing | Rochedale South Lawn Cutting Rochedale South

Lawn Mowing | Rochedale South Lawn Cutting

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About Us

  • Rochedale South Lawn Cutting Service

  • Garden Maintenance and Design

  • Rochedale South Lawn Mowing Service

  • Garden Cleaning and Overhauls

Rochedale South Lawn Cutting Service

If your Rochedale South garden or lawn needs redesigning, cleaning or maybe cutting, then Chris's Aussie Lawn Mowing Service is right for you! They will provide all the garden needs you need.

ABN Licensed and Registered Lawn Cutting Service

Chris's Aussie Lawn Mowing Service has been serving Rochedale South for the past 15 years. Customers are very happy with the service we have been providing in making their garden a happy place.

With our extensive experience and highly-qualified workers, your Rochedale South garden will surely get its creative design with our outstanding craft. Each garden requirement is carefully planned to suit your needs.

While we provide the highest quality that you deserve, we also want to ensure that our price stays affordable so we can regularly keep the beauty, cleanliness, and freshness of your lawn. Affordable price will always keep clients happy with our satisfying work.

Our workers are highly-skilled in fulfilling your requests for your garden while keeping a professional statement so you know what else you might need apart from what you asked from us. We will find a way to make things much easier for you. We are also punctual and reliable when it comes to time, equipment, and supplies that will be needed to make this task successful. You will always want to call us for maintenance since we definitely know what we do!

In addition, customers are insured so there is no worry in this agreement. Just us doing our job to keep your garden the way you want it to be.

Apart from common lawn cutting service, we also offer the following:

-Lawn Mowing
-Rubbish Removal
-Garden Overhauls
-Gutter Cleaning
-Garden Maintenance
-Handy Man Work
-Driveway Cleaning
-High-Pressure Water Cleaning
-Weed Spraying
-Basic Fence Repairs
-Retaining Wall Repairs
-Scheduled Maintenance Contracts
-Real Estate Work
-Property Maintenance Contracts
-Tree Trimming & Hedging And Much More


Rochedale South Lawn Cutting
Chris's Aussie Lawn Mowing Service
0412 621 411 Rochedale South

Lawn Mowing | Rochedale South Lawn Cutting

Products and Services


Broad Acreage, Cylinder Mowing, Large Areas, Open Spaces, Small Areas


Advice, Aeration, Cuttings Removal, Dethatching, Edging, Fertilising, Garden Maintenance, Hedge Trimming, Hedging, Lawn Cutting, Lawn Trimming, Pruning, Renovation, Scarification, Seeding, Slashing, Spraying, Top Dressing, Trimming, Turf Growth Regulation, Turfing, Watering, Weed Control, Weeding

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Flexible Hours, Open Monday - Friday, Open Saturdays


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Servicing Suburbs

  • What gardening service do you provide?

    We provide different kinds of gardening service such as Garden Cleanup, Fertilising, Pruning & Trimming, Garden Rubbish Removal, Slashing, Gardening, and Weed Control. Let us know what else you need and we will make it work for you.

  • Do you give discounts?

    Yes! We give pensioner discounts. Just let us know in advance so we can talk about it. Aside from discounts, do know that we offer very affordable garden and lawn services to make sure you get what you deserve.

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